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Lock them up!
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PostPosted: 06/06/21 8:24 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

jammerbirdi wrote:
Facebook will no longer remove posts that suggest the coronavirus was man made. And I have to say, call me an idiot, but until recently I had NO IDEA that Facebook or Twitter was removing user comments or tweets that supported or suggested the possibility of a lab leak. And I guess I never really gave it that much thought even in the last few weeks when I first heard about it as the possibility of a lab leak has become more openly discussed. But seeing an actual statement by Facebook that admits to that being their policy prior to this moment makes it very real for me and I have to say… WHAT THE FUCK?

They were actually doing this? While millions were dying and millions more had their lives all but destroyed free people were not able to exchange their thoughts and concerns about how this might have come to pass? I find that to be incredibly problematic. Wow. And now it turns out that it could have actually happened the very way that free people may have wanted to explore conversationally on social media but would have and did find themselves either censored or even banned from the platforms?

How in the fuck did we end up with this world we’re living in? After the 20th century’s horrors, the warnings of Orwell and countless others? The Hunger Games? WHAT THE FUCK?!?

Jimmy Dore did a video on the censorship/bans. In January some high up French official and German Chancellor Angela Merkel both criticized twitter for banning Trump. And Bernie Sanders had a statement which criticized it but in his softball way - he was not comfortable with it.

They have been using "danger" or "danger to the community" as reasons for censorship, but I don't know what term they used to censor the lab leak posts. If the lab leak theory was tied in with a claim that Trump (not the NIH/Fauci as appears to have happened) had gone around government rules and secretly funded the lab (Wuhangate) I think they would still be up.

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