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Celebrating that She Who Will Not Be Named is gone
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PostPosted: 03/11/21 11:29 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Luuuc wrote:
If you're able to run and you can't beat a walker then you must really suck



"It's not a game of 'how to', it's a game of 'when to.'" –Sue Bird, on basketball but probably also life
Bob Lamm

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PostPosted: 03/26/21 12:20 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

According to a current article in the Washington Post, Herschel Walker currently resides in Texas and so far has shown no interest in running for the U.S. Senate seat in Georgia. (That could change, of course.)

In memory of Clifford Glover, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Eleanor Bumpurs, and too many others.

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PostPosted: 04/13/21 6:41 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Bob Lamm wrote:
I'm proud to be in the "choir" of those here who have supported the WNBA players in their efforts to get She Who Will Not Be Named out of the U.S. Senate and out of the WNBA.

I did not realize you had edited your original one-line-with-emoji reply.

The particular sermon I am referring to is "Racism is binary. No Democratic politicians are racist, but most, if not all, Republican politicians are". This has become an increasingly important Democratic message as their embrace of donor class policies such as offshore USA manufacturing and office work, targeted visa worker import and an illegal workforce has made talk of poor/poverty/lower class/jobs/workers/unions problematic. And the continuous demographic shift also makes it increasingly beneficial to them.

Political rhetoric is subject to exaggeration, trickery, inaccuracy, and falsehood (e.g., "It's like Jim Crow on steroids!!"). And now it gets shouted on panel “news shows" in prime time every night which has many on both sides hungry to hear it over and over (preaching to the choir). But I consider The Nation a previously (have not read it in a while) quality magazine that will do honest investigative stories and commentary you will not see in the more mainstream media. So, it struck me that they allowed this writer to play a rhetorical trick to try and condemn Kelley Loeffler on such a serious charge, as shown in the line I quoted. He wants to say she said racist things, but she did not, so while he could have still said it unchallenged in prime time on CNN, writing it in the Nation apparently won't fly. So he gets sneaky. He extends a non-extendable metaphor - incorrectly. There is nothing larger beyond a dog whistle, but if there was, the metaphor would be extended to a racist DOG foghorn, not "racist foghorn". Or, since he says, "not so much racist dog whistle" he is saying something like "racist DOG trumpet". So, in the end everyone in The Nation world is happy. He made his claim, without making it, so critical Nation readers and the editors do not see a lie and apparently can live with the trick. And the congregation/choir are happy as they read it as "Kelly Loeffler said a lot of racist things".

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