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Rhyne Howard suspended
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PostPosted: 12/05/20 5:33 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Lillian Hidgepork wrote:
PickledGinger wrote:
Lillian Hidgepork wrote:
summertime blues wrote:
FrozenLVFan wrote:
Since we have no idea what Howard did to provoke the suspension, it's rather difficult to say that Elzy was in the wrong here.

Exactly. It could be any number of things, academic or social. People calling for the heads of one or the other need to STFU and let the coach and the player work this out. This means YOU, Lillian and ucbart, to name a couple. Just leave it alone already. it ain't your fight.

Summertime I would bet I have coached, played, and forgot more than you know. To tell me or any of these other posters to STFU show just a couple of things.

1. You have no idea who you are talking to.
2. You are not real smart.

Sorry to the rest of the board about having to spank the children in public.

Wow. Rule of thumb: if you're going to insult someone's intelligence on a message board, at least use proper grammar while doing it.

I will choose how I want to insult someone as I please grammar police. You aint real smart yourself for trying to point this out. Well you might be smart in grammar, but not basketball and how it works. Sorta like Summertime, just in different ways.

By all means, keep going. It's actually entrtaining how immature you make yourself look.


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PostPosted: 12/14/20 5:14 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

It has been nearly 3 weeks since Howard was suspended and we can start to evaluate its effects. Kentucky is undefeated including a win over Indiana. The next big test is against DePaul. Kyra Elzy has been rewarded by having her "interim" tag removed. And Rhyne Howard has struggled a bit, with her scoring, shooting percentage, blocks and steals all down significantly. On the plus side she had her best game against Indiana when she was needed most.

Overall it looks like the suspension has been positive for Elzy and the team, but maybe not so much for Howard. Meanwhile, Dre'una Edwards (a transfer from Utah who was the freshman of the year in the Pac 12 two years ago) has been as good or better than Howard so far.

summertime blues

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PostPosted: 12/15/20 9:02 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Rhyne Howard will either accept the changes, adjust and grow, or she will not. It's up to her. She's a big girl now. The ball is in her court, so to speak. I'm sure she and her teammates were looking forward to another great season playing for coach Mitchell and because of his injury that's not what they got. Any coaching change requires adjustment. And you know, some of this could also be attributed to the uncertainty of this whole season. It's a mess due to COVID.

Don't take life so serious. It ain't nohows permanent.
It takes 3 years to build a team and 7 to build a program.--Conventional Wisdom
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