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President - 2020 Election
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Who WILL Win Race for President
 76%  [ 10 ]
 23%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 13

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jammerbirdi wrote:
But this country was a failed mess before Trump and COVID. Our political system had failed us long before Trump and COVID. And the reputation of our news media has been subterranean and well-earned long before Trump and COVID.

Indeed, I believe it was our failures that LED us down the pathway to electing a Trumpian leader.

Review your history lessons; take Rome as a fine examples of how once-powerful empires can crumble, for any number of reasons. Rome, as an empire entity, rolled on for nearly a 1000 years. We haven't even hit the 300 year mark yet. American 'arrogance' has been well-cultivated for as long as I've been alive, and longer, and in so many ways, I see how that's been a propaganda-fueled mission The burgeoning of social media has only accelerated the "Culture of Me."

Have you seen this story yet on your social media?
The noted, late anthropologist, Margaret Mead, was once asked, "What was the first sign of human civilization?" The inquiry came from someone who expected her to identify some artifact crafted by a primitive human being. Her reply was, "A healed human femur." She went on to explain that it was the protection, feeding, and care by another individual that was unquestionably required to allow such a person to survive to the point of healing of such a fracture that signified that civilization could proceed.

"The Culture of Me" is the antithesis of this principle. We may be a society loaded with all kinds of technological advantages and resources galore, but when we've chosen a leader that personifies "The Culture of Me", the weakness of our society is exposed to its core.

We might be correct to consider that our Glory Days as a nation are over.

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