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Donald Trump Did Something Right

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PostPosted: 01/21/19 6:18 pm    ::: Donald Trump Did Something Right Reply Reply with quote

Don't drag me I didn't write that.

The New York Times

Donald Trump Did Something Right

His administration has ordered hospitals to reveal their prices. If patients and politicians pay attention, this could be a big deal.

By Elisabeth Rosenthal

"Starting this month, hospitals must publicly reveal the contents of their master price lists — called “chargemasters” — online. These are the prices that most patients never notice because their insurers negotiate them down or they appear buried as line items on hospital bills. What has long been shrouded in darkness is now being thrown into the light."

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PostPosted: 01/21/19 7:55 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

First, I'm not sure that dumb ass had that much to do with it. Or that he would have even thought of it if it hadn't already been done.

The price-disclosure requirement, issued by the Department of Health and Human Services, grows out of one sentence in the Affordable Care Act, which says, “Each hospital operating within the United States shall for each year establish (and update) and make public (in accordance with guidelines developed by the secretary) a list of the hospital’s standard charges for items and services provided by the hospital.”

Second, the info is worthless. They may as well just put out a jumble of letters and numbers. I was looking at some of my medical bills from the last year. I had a surgery that was billed to insurance for $16,000. I also had a small procedure that was billed to insurance for $3.500-4.000. Both through the same hospital system to the same insurance. I was getting confused as I was looking at them until I realized that the allowed amount for both was the same, $1.199.

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PostPosted: 01/22/19 12:06 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Interesting article.

Like ex-ref, I'd not be so quick to credit Trump for anything other than possibly going along with an idea a *better* mind led him to. And the whole concept is probably a step in the correct direction toward making our current health care a more competitive market system of goods and services that are clearly and competitively priced. It will most likely prove to be a burdensome implementation, but....most New Ideas are.

My limited understanding of Donald's business practices would contradict his newfound love of total transparency; i.e., clear and fair business prices to complete contracts in his past dealings might have been in short supply, if I remember correctly: legions of contractors that never got paid what was bartered for on any given project. He routinely screwed the pooch, inevitably for his gain. Propriety and integrity were never things his business acquaintances benefitted from--he was known as a scheister, so his "belevolence" toward this important process is a bit disingenuous, imo.

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