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willtalk wrote:
Shmermerer1 wrote:

I can't remember if it was this board or somewhere else where I said Aquino is a project and won't get significant minutes this year and I got blasted for saying that. Her High School coach didn't play her a lot for a reason.

If her high school playing time is the only reason for your evaluation than it is surely flawed. I watched her play in two games in person and some others on video. From what I saw her reasons for not playing more were not related to her ability, but rather to other factors. We surely need to consider the circumstances she was playing under in respect to her playing time.

Her transfer to Ribet were under less than desirable circumstances. She basically had not choice because the conditions she was living under in Jersey were dire. She basically took what she could get and that really set her development back quite a bit.

She came in to play about half a season ( California eligibility rules) to a new school that already had two established Sr centers. While the best of the two had already committed to a D1program, the other one was still trying to get an offer. Aquino also had also committed. This scenario appeared to be very influential in respect to Aquino's playing time.

I will use the Ribets game against ( St Mary's Stockton ) probably the best team they faced all year as an example. Aquino got more playing time in that game basically because DeCosta quickly put the other two centers on the bench with foul trouble. DeCosta dominated the inside on both ends, until Aquino was in the paint on defense. Just her presence and length was an intimidating factor and DeCosta moved out towards the parameter. I suspect her playing time also depended on the match-ups Ribet faced, but against top competition Aquino was the best Center on their team without a doubt.

The Ribet coach did not play her that much in the playoffs either. My take is that he understandable had a greater loyalty to his established post players. Especially the one who was still trying to get a scholarship. During the playoffs is the best viewing time for that. The coaches loyalty and the fact that Aquino was new to the system certainly was a major influence. Basically Aquino's entire SR. season was a waste. That is why she dropped in the rankings.

Soooo never said she was bad or anything. Again, I said she was a project and would probably get very limited playing time. I also compared her to Nancy Mulkey awhile back because they literally have similar games. Extremely tall players that like to face the basket.

And coming from a former division 1 athlete, if you can't crack the starting likeup or get significant minutes in high school games (does not matter that she was there for only one year) they would have given her a lot more playing time. Coaches are not loyal to players. They are there to win, even in high school unless they are a terrible team, and if that was the case, then there is even more concern about her current ability. Project yes, potential sure, but I knew even when she signed she would maybe get only a few minutes.

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