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No summer recruiting?

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PostPosted: 06/24/18 10:04 am    ::: No summer recruiting? Reply Reply with quote

Obviously aimed at the men's side, but I'm wondering how much cheaper it would be -- if at all -- for women's programs if this were adopted.

It's possible that the rule could changed only for men, but it would seem to me that if the NCAA implements all these suggestions, they'll do it for both, changing the landscape dramatically.

But cost will be an issue, and so will inertia. Any thoughts on whether this might come to pass?

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PostPosted: 06/24/18 10:50 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

The men's summer recruiting schedule already has more limitations than the women's, but it sounds like they're ready to curb the recruiting insanity even further, "without pushback," according to that article.

Apparently the WCBB fandom isn't ready for such radical thinking. When the women's counterpart committee limited May recruiting, there was a huge outcry here that the coaches were just too lazy to recruit.


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PostPosted: 06/28/18 9:45 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

IMO, a rule like this hurts the mid and low major programs much more than it does the high major ones. The amount of kids that can be seen in person during the summer recruiting months is massive and allows the lower budget programs to grow their database. Yes, you can get reports from recruiting services but coaches need to see these kids in person and at these events you also get to see them play against better competition in most cases.

For instance, there is a HUGE EYBL Tournament in Indianapolis next week that has around 300 teams in it (ages 13 & up) and they come from all over the United States. Let's just say each team has 8 players...that's 2,400 kids in one location for college coaches to watch. Think of all the opportunities that could potentially come about for those kids that get spotted by a coach randomly watching their game.

I understand there is a lot of nonsense that happens (mostly on the men's side), but I think this really affects the lower budget teams a great deal as they get much more bang for their buck being able to see a ton of kids in one single location/area.


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PostPosted: 06/28/18 11:27 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

I think the key here is what the shoe companies are required to do ...

If, for example, Nike and adidas are no longer allowed (though I can't see how that's legal) to be involved in club basketball, then the EYBL will disappear, as will some other major events. As it is, those teams that get any kind of apparel deal with the shoe companies are required to play in shoe company events, which drives teams to travel to Louisville, Virginia, etc.

Without the EYBL, club teams from California, say, are much less likely to make more than one trip to the Midwest or East, if they make any at all, as most of their players aren't interested in schools outside the West.

The biggest impact, then, would be to regionalize the game a little more, especially at the club level, with concomitant savings for players and coaches. Though the schools will spend more money, the families and clubs will not, so my guess would be that if you add it all up, it would be more economical overall if the travel were cut back significantly.

It's also possible that the girls will shift to the "pod" system the boys use, which is three separate weekends (I believe) rather than seven straight days, a break, and then five straight days. I like the pod better because having girls play seven days in a row just doesn't make sense -- and it also doesn't mirror the reality of college basketball, where teams play twice a week.

Oṃ Tāre Tuttāre Ture Svāhā
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