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The YouTube shooter...

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PostPosted: 04/05/18 7:54 pm    ::: The YouTube shooter... Reply Reply with quote

I don't have a whole lot to say here. We've now very quickly had mass shootings that have exceeded previous fatalities and injured. Hearts and families and communities broken in record numbers. This was not that. But something about this felt different, like a turning point and yeah, it's because of the shooter herself. Thank heavens she was the only fatality.

But this post here and my comment is less about her act than it is about her. This woman was like a glitch in the species. Except for the fact that I've seen and known quite a few who resembled her in so many ways. But she was on another level entirely and then some.

I grew up in a melting pot working class town and now live in a mecca of multiculturalism. I've seen people who appear to have been 'pulled' from the old country, dragged even, and I mean this all metaphorically, of course, into modern America, as it was in the 60s and 70s and as it is now, with all its freedoms and challenges, who just seem light years away from being able to acclimate to a modern world. This was like that but so much more intensely obvious. She had access to all the tools of modernity and used and misused them. But she didn't have anything approaching a modern toolbox, psychologically speaking.

That's my diagnosis anyway.

Here is an interesting read about the particulars of her gripe against YouTube. I've seen so many people on Twitter whining about YouTube filtering their accounts. I had no idea what that meant. I do know some people, a kid in the family, actually, who made a TON of money from his YouTube channel. I mean, for a while there he was pulling in like near mid five figures in a year. I don't hear about anything like that any more and he's had to get a real job now.

So this is also like something that the part of the human race with serious money does to the part of the world with less or no serious money. Things are dangled. Promises are made. eBay. YouTube. Uber. Tech driven sharing economy, etc. The Dow at over 26K. And then when large platforms or entities grow to where that which they are providing to their content creators or ride sharers is costing them in some way... then they take things away that people have grown to expect was part of the economy and therefore available to them.

So real high paying jobs for the working and middle class that enabled houses and families and vacations. LONG gone. Now we've been told to adjust to present realities and take advantage of a new economy that has sprung up out of technology and then ker-pow... the tech sector puts all kinds of squeezes on these people.

Like I said, this lady was like a species glitch anyway. No denying that. But we've allowed the world to abandon or go around things that were long established, pillars maybe of our labor structure, employed many, maybe had some unionization, etc. Just for instance, the taxi cab industry, which does suck in so many ways. So up pops ride sharing apps because the tech allowed us to do that. And we jumped on it. Tech equals freedom and convenience for people and allows a new shadow economy to spring up.

But you've nearly crippled the taxi cab industry and all the supporting elements there. Long term drivers are through and suffering. THEN lol! you pull back on what you're paying ride sharing app drivers and put all these other pressures on them and take away shit that was promised. Very quickly that happened. So this whole sort of small transportation sector gets devalued and that takes down a pillar of some part of the working class economy that used to mean people could raise a family and own a home.

But if you're well off, what the fuck do you care? You're still loving Uber and Lyft. Nobody gives a shit about the ramifications.

Anyway, I'm off my chimp, as pilight would say.

Here's the link on this YouTube situation.

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