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Sparks @ Lynx - 10/04/17
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willtalk wrote:
bballgrl wrote:
Well I just watched game 5 on league pass. Of course I watched it on rv on Wed as well. That 6th foul on Nneka was legit. She commits a lot of fouls that she is not called for. Yes she also flops as does Maya and many others. It seems to be a part of the game. In game four and five the Lynx played better than the Sparks, period. I find it funny that as long as the Sparks win and the Lynx complain about the fouls the Sparks fans say nothing(most of them anyway) but when the Lynx win the Sparks fans are all over this board complaining about the fouls called against them. Both teams get bad calls against them and players on both teams flop! That is just the wat it is.

I for one did not make any mention of the Sparks losing because of officiating. My response was two fold. One was in respect to how legit the brush foul was on Nneka and the second was in response to a posters claim that the Lynx lost the championship last season because of a bad call.

In the latter case I pointed out that there were bad calls that went the other way influencing the out come of game 4 in the lynx favor. I suggested that that poster and others who bring it up should let it go. We all know that the officiating leaves much to be desired.

The first was one example directed purely towards officiating in general. My response was to a poster who claimed that that brush foul on Nneka was justified who provided a video to prove their point. I disagreed with her conclusion so I responded that technically perhaps it was a foul, but considering the way the rest of the game had been called it should not have been. Period. The last issue is purely and issue directed at the level and inconsistency of officiating using that as one example.

The point being that either the officiating is good or it is not. I don't believe that too many people on this site would say that it is good. So the intent of the poster needs to be clarified. Is the intent to complain that their team was cheated out of a championship or is it just a complaint against the level of officiating and it's negative impact on the game? What is obvious is that the officiating has had an undue influence both this season and last. We can spend all sorts of time "cherry picking" incidents to justify our own agenda's. Whether that should even be a focus of conversation is debatable. However the negative impact that poor officiating has on sports is not. It is a legitimate issue

Now there might be some people who believe that dysfunctional officiating should be accepted as all part of the game. If it were not correctable I might agree. But it could easily be improved so I do not.

The Problem in officiating in sports is because the sports themselves have evolved but the officiating has not. Officiating is still being run like a part time week end job and not the important career that it should be. The fact that a good official needs specific skills doesn't seem to be considered. I had made a previous post on this site in respect to players who have visual processing issues. Well an official role is all about visual processing and multitasking. What we have now in officiating is the best of a weak starting pool. Those that do not have excellent visual processing abilities/multitasking abilities should not even be in the initial pool. Right now, any Tom, Dick and Harriet can attempt to work their way up the officiating ladder. The beginning pool is flooded with individuals who should not even be in it. Certain skills can only be honed but if they are not there to begin with it's a lost cause. The inherent skills that are required to be a good official are basically ignored. I suppose this is another side effect of our delusive social environmentalist philosophy that believes we can make anyone into anything via education.

Interesting comments on officiating, and one assumption seems to be that within the pool of available officials, more talented ones do not necessarily rise to the top of the profession. That may be true, but I find it unlikely -- which would mean that the real issue is the pool of available officials.

As I've mentioned too many times before, the unwarranted abuse and the willingness of fans to blame the refs for mistakes they happily accept in their own players and coaches creates an atmosphere that drives a lot of people away -- and some of those driven away would presumably be an upgrade on those working now. (When I officiated, I didn't like being yelled at for bad calls, but that was reasonable; what really got to me was being yelled at for good calls.)

Also, I'm not convinced that the skills required to be a good official are overlooked. Even at the high school level, there is a significant amount of training and feedback, and at the college level, observers grade the officials in almost every game. Now it could be that the observers know less about officiating than fans or outside critics (though the observers are former officials who were highly rated during their time), or it could be that there just aren't enough good officials to go around.

As is pretty obvious, that's the direction I'm going. The best officials want to work in the NBA; the next level NCAA men -- and I think that's pretty much exhausted the cream of the crop in the available pool of officials.

Now if the pool were deeper, more talent would trickle down to the WNBA, so to me the question is how do we get more people involved in officiating, and then retain them as they learn the ropes (and get pilloried by people who have never read a rule book or reffed a game)?

Oṃ Tāre Tuttāre Ture Svāhā
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