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The GOP was decent when I came into this world.

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PostPosted: 05/05/17 11:42 am    ::: The GOP was decent when I came into this world. Reply Reply with quote

It's scum now.

Silly, stupid white people.

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PostPosted: 05/05/17 7:41 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

The GOP has not been a 'decent' political party at any point in the lifetime of any persons yet alive. It has been the party of business and industry and those with massive personal capital throughout most of the last century and those elements have sustained their power through many iterations of how our federal government goes about its work, no matter the corrections enacted that were designed to mitigate the influence of outside wealth and power upon our political system.

That's not news nor is it now the main problem for Americans and the working and middle classes or for the future of fairness and equality in this country. The main problem is that we now no longer have a party of our own to fight them. We no longer control one of the two major political parties in the US. The PEOPLE of this country began losing their grip on the Democratic Party roughly in the late 60s when a drunk Ted Kennedy drove his date into the water at Chappaquiddick which it can be argued led to Jimmy Carter eventually becoming president and the leader of the Democratic Party which in turn began to reshape the party in more centrist terms.

Now we're here. After Carter, two terms each of Clinton and Obama, it's undeniable that the super-rich coastal elites have an iron-grip on the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton's campaign managers urged her to abandon the working deplorable classes, not a problem for a Clinton, and in the process it was the Clinton campaign itself that, in this election cycle that was all about a populist uprising, chose to ignore that reality and set the stage for her humiliating defeat. (Three days before the election she was at a GLBT gala in Manhattan.)

In the weeks after the election the New York Times would run articles describing the conflict in the Democratic Party post-election. Whether or not to finally abandon the working classes. The problem is once again the official mechanism of the Party itself and the news media were trailing far behind present day reality because the working class of this country knows the Democratic Party abandoned it ages ago.

What's particularly disheartening, however, is that over the course of the last decade or so, on the Left, among progressives and certainly anyone who hates what has happened in this election, the tactics of really harsh name-calling and humiliation of the woefully under-educated working classes, with all of the foibles that make them such rich targets, has become acceptable normalized treatment for them at the hands of what was once the last best hope for true progress and justice and economic equality in American political life. That would be newer generations of informed Lefties and progressives. Youthful and passionate, but measured. Compassionate. And REALLY understanding of the root causes of most of the major problems in this country.

And a concept that it should be unthinkable for anyone to the left of Donald Trump to not acknowledge as the most important political reality of all, the mother of all root causes in America, is the constant downward economic pressure being placed on the people of this country from those on top. It's why they are under-educated and angry. It's why they don't give a shit about the environment. It's why they are intolerant and a hot bed of bigoted voices. It is also, however, why they VOTE.

So once again for the trillionth time here I would entreat anyone reading this that, if you care about gay and trans issues, the future of the planet, whatever is your most near and dear political passion, help take back the Democratic Party for the working classes of America. Help them see the light through giving them back a country where they can raise a family and buy a home and a car and take vacations and seriously educate their next generations.

If you don't care about them they will destroy you.

Because Trump is only the beginning. There will not be a correction coming. There will only be better and smarter populists who will ignite this base for many decades to come. If they don't come from the Democratic Party we all know they will have many ideological warts designed to stoke their base and make life miserable for many of the constituencies that progressives probably care most about. Women. Minorities and immigrants. The GLBT communities. Anyone who wants to breath clean air and drink clean water.

Abandon the rich, Democrats and progressives. Stop taking their money and embrace the working classes of this country and embrace the populism that is sweeping the planet. Own it. Make it Democratic. The time is ripe to destroy the Republican Party. Trump has turned his back on campaign promises he is STILL making that are untrue. This should be easy. But it will be impossible if you can not embrace and choose not to once again champion the working people of this country.


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PostPosted: 05/05/17 7:43 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

I think you're underestimating just how old cthskzfn is Twisted Evil

Seems rike no one takes me serirousreee

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PostPosted: 05/05/17 11:09 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Jammer, those working class whites (because Democrats won working class PEOPLE handedly) left the Democratic Party when the Civil Rights Acts were passed.

This isn't a mass exodus. Republicans have dominated the white vote for 50+ years. This was no different.

We are a country that leans liberal and believes in Democratic policies. We need to stop trying to convince those who refuse to vote for their own interests, and start trying to make voting fair for those who will.


What it takes to play a gay pirate, a gay candymaker, and a gay mad hatter, and still land a role as John Dilinger.

Joined: 21 Nov 2004
Posts: 8785
Location: In a world where a dbag like Trump is not president.

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PostPosted: 05/06/17 9:41 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

jammerbirdi wrote:
The GOP has not been a 'decent' political party at any point in the lifetime of any persons yet alive.

Bullshit. Wink

Silly, stupid white people.
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