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Kathryn Allen Takes on (iPhone) Chaffetz

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PostPosted: 03/11/17 2:55 pm    ::: Kathryn Allen Takes on (iPhone) Chaffetz Reply Reply with quote

I think that I like her. IF she is as advertised.... And hey, she has Rosie's support!!!! Laughing

First article I read about her.

She was cruising along toward retirement until Donald Trump won the presidential election in November. As a Hillary Clinton supporter, this proved disillusioning enough for Allen to reconsider her path.

“A lot of my women friends cried when the election happened,” she said. “I have yet to shed a tear. Instead, I became very angry and interested in what I could do about it.”

There is a list of her principles. Here's a few of them in no particular order (it was hard to decide which one I liked best!):

*Facts are part of verifiable reality. Ignore them at your peril. Lies are attempts to manipulate the vulnerable. Repeating them ad nauseam does not turn them into truth.

*Health care is indeed a right and most developed societies acknowledge this right. I have seen what happens when people do not have health insurance, and we cannot go back. No one should face bankruptcy due to medical bills. Illness is not a moral failing. Prevention is hugely important, but we cannot rail against the sick that the illness was their "personal responsibility." A mature society takes care of its needy, its sick, and its hungry and homeless. I am strongly against the privatizing of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

* Climate change is real and we, as stewards of our planet, need to recognize it and combat it aggressively. Putrid air has dire health consequences for human beings and for Planet Earth. We must protect the planet for our children and our grandchildren.

*Patience and persistence are what produces change. It may not come as quickly as we wish, but citizens must engage for the long-run and celebrate small victories as they come. We face daunting obstacles and it will take stamina to make positive change happen. We need to set minor differences aside for the greater good, and unite in a common cause to protect our rights and freedoms.

Maybe where it all needs to start.
*We need immediate reform of campaign funding. One should not be able to buy a public office. Corporate America is overly influencing our elections. I would like to see public financing of campaigns without reliance on large Super Pacs and other huge donations from corporations. I do not want to be on the floor of Congress and forced to vote against my conscience because of some donation I received from the corporate world. Citizens United should be re-visited by the Supreme Court.

neverthless she persisted
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PostPosted: 03/11/17 4:57 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

The thing with any Republican politician in house/senate, they should not be saying dick about healthcare for the general public when they get free healthcare themselves.

But then again Chaffetz has been a festering pustule on the ass of government from the second he was elected.
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