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Let the impeachment begin
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PostPosted: 01/24/18 7:59 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

I have a lot of questions about what happens and when. I think by any measuring stick that exists in my head, Trump obstructed justice and he admitted doing so on camera with Lester Holt. I don't know, of course, anything about the Russia angle. Except... that finding and revealing something nefarious there could easily rise to a level of being 'more serious' than even obstructing justice and something that could absolutely force Trump's removal and even prosecution, which, I have to say, isn't something that I think will ever happen on any domestic crime charge like obstruction.

So my questions are 'what happens if?' kind of questions.

What happens if Mueller determines that Trump obstructed justice? Does he indict him? Arrest him? CAN he do that? Or does he just issue a report or a finding? Because, people, if Mueller can't actually bring Trump down himself, totally independent of the political processes of Washington, if all he can do is issue a report or something, and it's up to CONGRESS lol to vote to impeach Trump, that's never going to happen. It'll never get out of the house. Right?

Even if Trump stumbles and lies during his testimony, which, I have to say, for Trump wouldn't actually represent an actual stumble, and the crime is lying under oath, etc. Who prosecutes? What court. No criminal court has on its list of penalties the removal of a POTUS from office. lol. Again, it sounds like at some point it comes down to congress voting to impeach. Yeah. I would say the odds of that happening are very slim.

Trump has a base, the one everyone describes as hicks. He also has a big bank of secret Trump voters. Who aren't hicks. And then he has a LOT of powerful friends now. And that's business and Wall St, where they are referring to him as The Orange Swan. Laughing I ain't shittin' you. ALL of these people are becoming REALLY happy with this administration. Maybe people here aren't noticing. That's understandable. But, as I said, Trump is winning over converts. Believe it or not. HIs poll numbers are going to move up unless something happens to explode that which would be a rapid and negative resolution to the Russian probe.

But there's a lot of people who aren't going to want to let this sucker go. That's even given all the historical rarities that must fall into place to get us to that point. People STILL are not going to want to let this guy go.

Anyone know if Mueller has the ability to indict and arrest and force a trial of Donald Trump? Or family members? Because THEN we might be talking about a resignation. I think two things we can almost forget about and that is the 25th amendment or impeachment. Trump is like really very lucid, like really very sharp. And mocking aside, I'm not kidding there. Just listen to the audio of his off the cuff Q&A with reporters this afternoon. He just hands Maggie Haberman her ass is all. So the 25th is out. And I just don't see how impeachment gets through a republican congress. Anyway.

Jeez. You would think with all the time I spend watching CNN I'd know this shit by now because ... well... because they'd have experts laying the processes all out for viewers or sumthin'. Confused


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PostPosted: 01/26/18 9:56 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

The last thing I want is an impeachment without a conviction by the senate.

I believe that Trump is unfit to be president and has most likely committed several impeachable offenses. I believe his administration has been the most corrupt, by far, of any in my lifetime. If there has ever been as corrupt an administration it would be Harding, but largely because government was not as large then I do not believe he did as much harm to the country as has Trump.

I also believe that the Democrats will retake the House in November and will be able to impeach Trump in 2019. That would be a mistake unless the case for impeachment has been made so clear by then (whether by Mueller, the press or otherwise) that mainstream Republicans will vote to convict. If it is not, and I doubt that it will be, then the House must use its subpoena power to truly investigate everything, hopefully with a planned cascading set of news stories designed not only to show the corruption of Trump but the complicity of other Republicans. Even if Fox News never covers the story information will get out. If the pressure gets greater Senate Republicans may see that a President Pence may be better for them than a wounded President Trump, and then impeachment (or resignation) would be appropriate.


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PostPosted: 02/20/18 10:52 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

the weekend twitter shitstorm by the TraitorInChief just another indication that Mueller is getting closer...

drip drip drip

Silly, stupid white people.
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