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A Plea For Help For The NBA Fastbreak Challenge

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Musicman 55

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PostPosted: 10/06/08 1:01 pm    ::: A Plea For Help For The NBA Fastbreak Challenge Reply Reply with quote

Please note that those of us who enjoy Fantasy Games for the NBA might be facing a big crisis very soon. Two members of our Points Contributed Group, Rick and Ryan (Admiral Needa) sent me messages referring to posts that stated that ESPN is seriously considering not offering the Fastbreak Challenge this year. Here is the information that Ryan sent.

"Fast Break is in trouble!


It looks as if Fast Break probably will not be produced this year. Jamie (JFC1976) and myself are leading a campaign to re-instate it, but we are having trouble convincing the people that are making the call.

I have been working on the game in my spare time in the hopes that they decide otherwise, but it's totally up in the air.

If you guys can, please go here and express your thoughts about this. I want to collect them all and show how much people will be upset by losing this game.

Sorry for the bad news.


In regard to the second link to ProBoards, bohlec is using that website to ask each of us who are Fantasy Games fans to send a message through the ESPN Mailbag site that is listed in the first link. bohlec is also doing regular postings there to update each of us as to any progress he and Jamie are making with ESPN Management in an effirt to save the Fastbreak Challenge.

So we are asking any NBA/WNBA Fans who might be reading this to please seriously consider asking ESPN to offer the Fastreak Challenge again this season. Not because it is that outstanding but because it is the only message I have any access to, here is a copy of the message I sent just for each of you to possibly get a few good ideas from.

"I have been participating in the Weekly Fastbreak Challenge since 2003 and I and nearly every member of our Group really love the Game. I created the Points Contributed Group in 2003 and we have met many good friends who care quite a lot about each other as people. We offer many Features on our Bulletin Board to help each other with our Selections.

Simply stated we think the format for the Fastbreak Challenge is great and we enjoy competing against and with each other in the Game. We all cheer whenever one of our Managers reaches the National Leaderboard. I feel that the Fastbreak Challenge has allowed our Managers to accomplish a lot of positive things together. We all hope that the Games Administrators at ESPN will ultimately decide to continue offering the Game again this season."

Rick, Ryan, and I each ask anyone who enjoys the Fantasy Sports Games to please send a message to ESPN asking them to continue offering the Game. And if you can access the ProBoards website, please enter a posting there as well. To our many friends from the WNBA, we ask for your support too. I had a very nice phone conversation with a gentleman at ESPN Customer Service the night before the WNBA Playoffs started.
He seemed quite impressed that I had as many good things to say about the WNBA and its success this season. But in an age of gender equity where we have serious candidates for both President and Vice-President who are female, I wonder if ESPN is not feeling some heat for offering a Fantasy Game for the NBA without also offering one for the WNBA. As many of you know I have always said the WVGM Game for the WNBA that ESPN offered was the best Fantasy Game we have ever had.

So even though you might only enjoy the WNBA, if you like either Rick, Ryan, or me, each of us would truly appreciate your support on this. And I can basically guarantee you that all 3 of us will actively support any effort that ever arises to get ESPN to once again offer a Fantasy Game for the WNBA.

In case anyone reading this is an NBA Fan and would be interested in participating in a Fantasy Game this season, please let me know. We will be offering the Fastbreak Challenge if it is available, but we will have a minimum of 3 NBA Fantasy Games regardless. Thanks very much to anyone who is willing to support this effort. Good Luck.

Phil Zorn
Musicman 55


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PostPosted: 10/17/08 12:10 pm    ::: Re: A Plea For Help For The NBA Fastbreak Challenge Reply Reply with quote

here's the latest news from espn via bohlec. not good news at all

really sorry I haven't been around recently - I just haven't had the OK to post anything publicly until now

well, I have the news we have been waiting for

I have good news and bad news

There will be an NBA Playoff salary cap game this season (basically Fastbreak playoff edition)
There will be an NHL Playoff salary cap game this season (first time ever)
There will be an NFL Playoff salary cap game this season (Gridiron Playoff Challenge)

There will NOT be a Fastbreak regular season game this season.

I know this is upsetting and not what you guys wanted to hear. It's not what I wanted to hear either, but I have to carry on with the other games I've been given. Fastbreak is NOT dead forever, it is just being pulled off the board for this season.

Thank you all for writing in and helping me try and get it going this season. Unfortunately, it didn't work, but I hope that you guys can bear with us and not storm out on ESPN altogether. All I can do is promise that I will personally try to improve our current games and get Fastbreak back for next season.

Sorry all.

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