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Which words are racially tinged?

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PostPosted: 04/03/23 12:20 am    ::: Which words are racially tinged? Reply Reply with quote

Dawn Staley's comments about how South Carolina's players were being racially disparaged makes me wonder what people think about certain words that all have similar meanings:


Also, what other characteristics (age, ethnicity, activities etc) would you use to distinguish one from the others


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PostPosted: 04/03/23 10:59 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Gangbanger and gangsta have racial overtones, partly due to their use in the black rapper culture. Most of the others, to my mind, are more associated with the Italian mafia. Hooligans are white rural kids knocking down mailboxes with a baseball bat. Thug, as I posted elsewhere, is an offshoot of Indian and Bengal criminal groups known as Thuggee for centuries, and while Hindis may have some claim of racism, I don't see this one as a black issue.


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PostPosted: 04/06/23 7:15 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Except for Gangbanger, Gangsta and Mobster, I heard these terms applied to any and all ill-behaved kids (mostly) or adults all my growing years. And I didn't grow up among any ethnic minorities, tho there was a high % of Native kids in my school.

Back in the discussions here re: racism in our game, I find it laughable that ANYBODY thinks Lisa Bluder is demonstrating racism by not having more diversity among her players. That's as absurd as saying, cuz of her racial bias, Dawn's recruiting almost all black kids.

Even The Best coaches have numerous hurdles to clear before they can look at the slate of incoming recruits as their own field for the picking. Ya think Lisa or Teri Moren, for example, might have passed on kids like Azzi Fudd or Aneesah Morris if they'd been interested in Iowa or Indiana? Not likely.

Maybe I'm missing something, but.....I'd really like to think any success by ANY coach is not linked to their race or ethnicity, but on their SKILL.

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PostPosted: 04/06/23 7:18 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

This is America. All words are at least racially tinged.

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