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NCAA 2021-2022 Fantasy League Draft Thread!
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PostPosted: 03/02/22 3:05 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Since we're wrapping things up, here are the results of the final week and the tournament in general! You can see the score of each matchup within the bracket itself. I would like to say that despite my crumble to 4th place in the playoffs, I will nonetheless be proudly hanging a banner to celebrate my regular season title. Twisted Evil

Overall I had so much fun participating in the league. Thank you to everyone for also participating and especially Coyotes for being the driving organization force behind it all! For a few seasons now I've been wanting to be more intentional about watching more games beyond just the Big Ten and the AP Top 25. Especially some of the smaller leagues out there that still have some amazing players but not the same media coverage. This league gave me the perfect avenue to do that! It's fun to now have tangible rooting interests in the MAC, SWAC, ASUN, WCC, Big Sky, MVC, A10, and more, thanks to the players on my team.

RebKell's 2021-2022 NCAA Fantasy League Regular Season Champion 🏆

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PostPosted: 03/23/22 11:13 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

So, a heartfelt belated thank you to all who played this year. I really enjoyed running this again this year -- and it was truly a special year to be a part of this league and I've really appreciated getting to know some of the personalities behind the names here. Once again, a great thank you to Undersized Post who toiled under my dictatorship rule to do a lot of the work behind the scenes while I tried to make judgement calls on who was allowed to play fairly. All in all, a pretty incredible volume of posts in here -- over 43 pages and we haven't crashed the board yet.

Realistically, I know that sometimes adding rosters (especially this year) was time consuming -- but I'm really hopeful that next year we'll be returning to some semblance of normalcy. With that being said, I did want to take a moment to reflect on this year and open up next year to suggestions. Specifically, I'm looking for feedback around the following areas:

1. How did players feel about the number of players on the roster? Too many? Too few? Not enough UConn players allowed on your roster? Keep in mind that next year we likely won't need to have the extended rosters of Covid additions.

2. Does it please the court that we utilized a matchup style this year? Personally, I found it easier to be engaged week to week when I was counting whether my players needed a rebound to beat Myrtle or how many three pointers I needed to miss to fall to Undersized in the playoffs.

3. Are there any suggestions that others have for improvements that we can implement in the future to make this more enjoyable for all?

4. Undersized or I will get around to making the 2023 Draft Thread about a month and a half before kickoff. Please don't hesitate to let us know of any questions, paradoxes, your draft strategies, or to bribe us to let you draft Paige Bueckers first.



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PostPosted: 03/23/22 11:42 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

thanks again.
The heads up matchups are fun but it does seem kind of random. If you have two players who crash and burn in the same week you're pretty much SOL. But I don't really have a solution to change it easily. I thought Adam had the best lineup overall but unfortunately just didn't perform well in the semis. Mine were bad but his were worse. I thought he deserved to win.

I think I prefer to have 10 player rosters plus one IR. Just gives you more leeway and options.

And tongue in cheek, can we keep a couple of players from this year's roster? I know which two I would take!

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