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PostPosted: 12/03/04 6:30 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Read this one folks.

From the Washington Post...

For Baseball, A Weighty Issue

By Thomas Boswell

Friday, December 3, 2004; Page D01

Before the first Yankees spring training game last March, I waited in front of Jason Giambi's locker. Tales of the Incredible Shrinking Giambi were the buzz of the Grapefruit League. So, I expected to see a former steroids user who had dropped many pounds over the winter after being scared straight by being ensnared in the BALCO investigation.

Even so, I wasn't prepared for what walked through the door. The sight of Giambi, in a cut-off muscle shirt, made me burst out laughing. I had to cover my mouth. Where was the other half of him?

Giambi looked like he'd lifted weights all winter. But he was a shadow of his previous enormous tattooed self. Getting off the juice had shrunk him from an incredible hulk to just another iron-pounding gym rat you'd overlook on a beach.

"I've only lost four pounds, to be honest with you," Giambi said with a straight face but a sheepish look.

What, four pounds in each biceps, calf, quadriceps and deltoid muscle? It adds up, doesn't it, Jason?

For me, the sight of the honest version of Jason Giambi brought home again, in graphic terms, just how enormous an advantage steroid cheaters have in sports. It's not a few pounds. In many cases, it's a whole new body. To Giambi, steroids meant a fake physique that brought him a $120 million contract.


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PostPosted: 12/03/04 6:33 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Well some things to consider is that this guy is a salesman, so you can expect some slick talking and hard selling of his product, which is his story. Secondly, his sales tactics may include glossing over important details of the product he was selling to the athletes. Lastly, the guy seems to resent the athletes. He happily dismisses their achievments and is eager to tell his story to the public. That creates a potential for embellishment. I'll reserve judgement until all the facts are out.

Another article on Bonds came out here that is not on ESPN: Shocked

"Nothing was between me and Greg," Sheffield testified. "Barry pretty much controlled everything. ... It was basically Barry (saying), 'Trust me. Do what I do.'

And another funny clip from SI:

Bonds insisted that Sheffield live at his house, not rent a car, and not pay for anything. Sheffield said he did bring his personal chef with him.

"[It was], 'It's my way or no way,' " Sheffield told the magazine. "I'm not a child. I make $11 million. I can buy what I want."

To show his thanks to Bonds for inviting him to stay in his home, Sheffield arranged for the two to see a boxing match in Miami in 2002.

"I was going to pay for the plane, the flight, pay for the limo service, the hotel," Sheffield told the magazine. "He gets my mail. He looks in my mail and sees he can get better seats, so he gets better seats. He can get a better flight, so he gets a better flight. He can get a better limo service. And he can get a better hotel. So basically my plan, in trying to do something in return, he wound up doing it. And [that sort of behavior] just escalated."

Sheffield told the magazine he and his chef soon parted ways. About a month later, Bonds called to inquire why the chef was no longer working for Sheffield -- without Bonds mentioning that he had hired him. Razz

2002 WNBA Virtual GM Overall Winner
2006 WNBA Triple Threat Overall Winner
2007 NBA ESPN Fast Break Overall Winner

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PostPosted: 12/03/04 6:34 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Another snippet from the piece...

Giambi's grand jury account of "how the first conversation started" between him and Bonds trainer Greg Anderson will fascinate many inquiring fans. "So I started to ask [Anderson], 'Hey, what are the things you're doing with Barry? He's an incredible player,' " Giambi said, according to the Chronicle.


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PostPosted: 12/03/04 8:55 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Just curious about my OWN vitriolic response to all this so I went to and crunched Bonds's slugging percentages. It's LAUGHABLE! hahahahahaha!

Career slugging percentage: 611
First 15 years of career: 565
Last four years: 805


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PostPosted: 12/03/04 9:19 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Evidence, in the last six months:

Jones's ex-husband, C.J. Hunter, has told a newspaper that Jones was using numerous performance-enhancing substances up to and during the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Hunter said he saw Jones using the drugs and helped her use them.

It has been reported that Jones's current partner, and the father of her child, 100-meter world record holder Tim Montgomery, admitted to a Bay Area grand jury that he used performance-enhancing substances.

Victor Conte, owner of the BALCO lab at the center of the ongoing government investigation, reportedly told ABC's 20/20 that he gave Jones drugs, showed her how to use them and watched her inject herself.

Circumstantial evidence:

Jones was arguably the most dominant female track and field athlete in history from 1997-2000, leading up to her haul of five Olympic medals (three of them gold) in Sydney. She was beaten once in the entire year of 1998. In 2001, she began to falter. Jones was beaten in the 100-meter final at the World Championships and barely won the 200. She missed the entire 2003 season while having her child and in 2004, made the U.S. Olympic team only in the long jump and 4X100-meter relay. She didn't medal and it was Jones's staggering, out-of-shape finish to the third relay leg that led to the botched handoff that eliminated the U.S. team. (Never mind Lauryn Williams' brave mea culpa in Athens; sure, Lauryn took off too early, but only because she could never have known that the best female sprinter in history was going to be stumbling into the exchange zone on fumes after running barely 100 meters).

To the circumstantial evidence, you can put forth three theories, as I outlined during Jones's disastrous Olympic Trials in Sacremento. Without elaborating again: 1) Too many coaches (three in two years, and Jones is high-maintenance); 2) Out of shape from childbirth. 3) Not the same runner without the drugs.

Sadly, Florence Griffith Joyner did not reach the age of 40 before dying tragically, but many people suspect that her performances in 1988 were substance-aided. (Jones was one of them. In a 1998 interview with me, Jones said of Flo-Jo's records: "We all know what was going on there.") The same is believed of many African distance runners who shattered world records in the mid- and late-1990s. Track fans have become a hardened lot. Deny, deny, deny will not save an athlete's legacy.

Jones is not yet 30 years old. She looked terrible last summer, but maybe the coaching changes and the childbirth had a lot to do with her performances, too. She was incredibly fast when she was a teenager. Although nothing is out of the question, most people presume that she was clean when she was 16 and running world-class times. Times that she can't even run now.

Jones can do the same thing. Maybe she won't win five medals again, but I'm willing to bet she can get into the low 10.90s in the 100 meters and that's good enough to compete at the highest levels.

But of course, she has to do something else first. If she used drugs, she's got to come clean. Apologize. Speak the truth. There's not an athlete in America who is better in front of a microphone than Mrs. Jones. She is a natural star. I say to her people: Put Jones at a podium, not to deny the truth, but to admit it. And then to move forward. Make the best of what's left in front of her. And most of all, help her sport.


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PostPosted: 12/04/04 12:01 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote


Besides the same things Dwain was on, she also was taking a new drug I'd started using, thyroid hormone T-3. It makes all the other drugs work more effectively by accelerating metabolic rate. You feel light as a feather.

No fair! I've been taking T-3 (Cytomel) for 4 years. I feel heavy as an anvil, and I've yet to earn any kind of damn gold medal. On top of all this, none of my other drugs are working more effectively!!!

I'm calling my endo tomorrow. I deserve a sub-11 100M, dammit.

On a less facetious note, many of these drugs, including anabolic steroids and (especially) T-3, have legitimate theraputic use for people who happen to be sick. (And Smoovie, steroids absolutely do work--ask any old person whose taken them to increase his or her muscle mass and stamina, no gym work needed.)

It took me 2 years to find an endocrinologist who would presecribe T-3 for me, even though its benefits for people who suffer from the kind of thyroid disorder I have is chronicled extensively in medical journals, thanks to unscrupulous athletes who use good drugs for bad purposes.

Marion Jones used to be one of my heroes, since her Tarheel days. But it's people like her that keep people like me from getting the drugs I need. And despite the fact that I'm older, my appearance--a tall, athletic woman--undoubtedly contributes to the evil look the pharmacist at Costco gives me when I pick up the T-3 that keeps me alive.


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PostPosted: 12/05/04 1:58 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote


















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