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Biden: Minimum wage ain't happening

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PostPosted: 02/19/21 6:55 pm    ::: Biden: Minimum wage ain't happening Reply Reply with quote

The comments, which were confirmed by two other people familiar with the conversation, were the furthest Biden has gone in conceding the coming axing of the $15-an-hour minimum wage provision from his first major legislative package.

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PostPosted: 03/05/21 4:56 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

This is probably Jimmy Dore's finest moment. Devastating take down of the Democratic Party, AOC and the Squad, and, at about the 13 minute mark, this ridiculously abhorrent previously unthinkable thing called President Joe Biden.

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PostPosted: 03/05/21 5:58 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

This is on Sanders. Learn to coalition build.

Biden is in favor of the 15$ min wage if it can get passed, it got passed in the House multiple times - so don't come at AOC, the Squad, and Pelosi.

It's Sanders' baby, and Sanders is chairman of the budget committee. He failed to use the proper language, and he failed to get the proper support. Terrible legislator.

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PostPosted: 03/05/21 6:56 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

You say coalition build? Yeah. Why not just continue to blame the parliamentarian? Rolling Eyes What is needed beyond SCREAMING on the Senate floor that the American people want and need a $15 minimum wage WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR, DEMOCRATS?

And so you're saying some would sit back and say, Mmm, the problem here is you didn't build a coalition, Bernie. So no. We're not giving the American worker a long overdue raise of their minimum wage.

There's no moral or logical reasoning for granularly selecting for blame the very senator who is himself most behind the idea of a $15 minimum wage. 70% of the American people are for it. Shouldn't it therefore be everyone's 'baby?' Shouldn't AOC and her cohorts pull out all the stops to get it done? Hey people. Your minimum wage is your problem and not the 'baby' of any but this one politician who could actually make it happen?

Like, "I blame Sanders. This is his baby!"

If not now, when? When will we see a significant increase in the federal minimum wage? It's currently, what? $7.25 an hour? Do you know how this goes? In ten years... they'll bump it to $8. When was the last increase? You know I was making over $8 an hour when I left my job in the steel mill 40 years ago?

So it's Sanders's baby? Um. Did he run on it and win? No he lost. And his loss was orchestrated by the Democratic Party. JOE BIDEN RAN ON IT AND WON.

Did you watch the video? Did you see the awesome and terrible collection of clips of Joe Biden running on raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour? I would say that one losing senator aside, the President of the United States who ran on promises of raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour should make good on his promises. It's HIS baby now! And his lie. Because he is a lying POS career sell-out politician.

Here is the fact. Our political system is a scam. But it requires two political parties for the scam to work. And anyone who is not seeing that now has their head buried deeply in some kind of mix of sand/gravel/horseshit.

The Democratic Party could fill every seat in the Senate and the House and the Oval Office and we would STILL not have a $15 minimum wage. The president and Pelosi and Schumer could sit down together and orchestrate how exactly to force this through. They could do that. But they won't. If not now, when? 70% of the American people want it. But the president who ran promising a $15 minimum wage is a hack politician who would have said anything, stolen any politically popular idea, and ran on it, to win. Which he did.

He promised quick $2000 checks if the Dems won in GA. The Dems won in GA and instantly $2000 was pared down to $1400. And 'quick' became not-so-fast suckers. And then yesterday we find that a big city bartender who made $81K in 2019 won't get ANY stimulus money at all. But she got money under Trump and a Republican senate.

You couldn't make this shit up... UNLESS... you understood exactly what kind of a scam is at work here. And THIS election, and THIS result, is teaching SO MANY Americans right now the lesson they most needed to learn and that is the Democratic Party is not working on their behalf, never has been, and never, as it is currently constructed, will be.

The fact that you could blame Sanders? Jesus. Joe Biden is the de facto leader of the Democratic Party now. He is the figure head of the party and the President of the United States. He is a DEMOCRAT! He appropriated the idea of a $15 minimum wage from, yes, Bernie Sanders and RAN ON IT.

And now people are sheepishly standing one the edges pointing their fingers at Bernie saying, "Hey, it was HIS idea."

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Every woman who has ever been presented with a career/sex quid pro quo in the entertainment industry should come forward and simply say, “Me, too.” - jammer The New York Times 10/10/17

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PostPosted: 03/05/21 11:14 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

They floated an idea that's a better idea that the $15 minimum wage. Create a tax on large businesses that pay less than $15. That will move them to increase pay without hammering small businesses. It would, though, still put significant upward pressure on those businesses--especially if they tend to hire non-teenagers.

Not sure who suggested the idea though pretty sure it was a Dem. It strikes me as a much more elegant approach.


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PostPosted: 03/06/21 3:39 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Wow...that video of Kyrsten Sinema. I don't know anything about her but I am enraged. Not that she voted against the $15 but because of HOW she did it.

She intentionally made her way to the front of the room when she could have voted verbally - off camera, from her seat - tapping Mitch McConnell's shoulder on the way to make sure he was paying attention, to give that callous and flippant thumbs down gesture with the little side curtsey like she was being fucking cute.

Seriously, what a giant fuck you to the American working class. That thumbs down might as well have been a middle finger. Fuck her. She is not a liberal. Not just the act of voting against working families and individuals - mostly women - but fucking MOCKING them so cruelly while doing it?!? Shameful.

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PostPosted: 03/06/21 5:34 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

If the donor class and their politicians wanted workers to get better wages they wouldn't have exported all those $25 manufacturing jobs (from a country that continuously imports workers) to China and hired so many illegal workers (and only slightly less than 5% of the illegal workers are estimated to work in agriculture or ranching) in the USA instead of Americans. And they wouldn't allow American companies to have ads that say "H-1B only need apply".

But to be fair, most Americans below the donor class but making a decent salary feel the same way. 22 people ran for president in 2016 in the two major parties. Only 2 mentioned reversing the off-shoring of manufacturing that has hurt American workers. None made the illegal workforce an issue, beyond Trump briefly talking about a deportation force (Trump never said a peep about punishing employers who hire illegal workers) early in the campaign. In 2020 we had one candidate say that we would need to start paying people permanent unemployment (referred to as Universal Basic Income (UBI)) but he came on the Bill Mahar show and his first statement was to praise our continuous importing of more workers (aka immigration).

I guess what I am trying to say is, I don't understand why both parties work to make labor supply/demand go against workers and in favor of employers, and then the Democrats push for an artificial increase in the lowest wages. Would seem better to limit the supply of workers to cause the lowest wages to rise continuously like the higher wages.

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