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If hoops goes conference-only...

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PostPosted: 09/15/20 1:26 pm    ::: If hoops goes conference-only... Reply Reply with quote

So, I was reading an article (yeah, men's basketball but still basketball) and the authors brought up an excellent question that I hadn't even considered. Here is an excerpt from the article posted below:

It's uncertain what the sport's nonconference schedule will look like, and some leagues are reportedly prepared to play conference-only schedules, if necessary. Can some low-major conferences afford to play at all? Paying for the COVID-19 testing and other measures that will be necessary to stage a 2020-21 season won't be cheap.

Now, the article was written in regards to changes to the NCAA Tournament but I think this is a much bigger question right now.

Schools and conferences have already lost a crapton of money from not having a 2020 Men's Basketball NCAA Tournament. Now, schools that play football from these smaller conferences usually play 1 or 2 guarantee football games where they may get upwards of $1M or more to travel to Lincoln, Tallahassee, Tuscaloosa, Columbus, etc to play in a sold out stadium. That money is not there this year. So, if all of a sudden these smaller schools are also not playing their 2-5 guarantee games in men's hoops (and even in women's though the money isn't as big obviously) that would net a couple hundred thousand each, they have lost a TON of money that they were planning on being in their budget leading into this year.

In addition to money they are NOT getting, they still have to pay scholarships for all their student-athletes AND now have to pay for a LOT of covid-19 testing throughout the entire school year. In addition, will these games have fans? If so, it will be a fraction of normal so there is that loss of revenue yet they will still be paying the support staff to put the games on (ticket takers, scorer's table, etc).

Many of these smaller schools are already in financial straits as it is. I mean, let's think about some of these smaller conferences. Does it make sense for...

1. St Francis (PA) to drive/fly over to Bryant in Rhode Island - Northeast Conference
2. Charleston to drive/fly all the way Hofstra on Long Island - CAA
3. Central Arkansas to drive/fly to Corpus Christi - Southland
4. Binghamton to drive/fly to Maine - America East
5. Denver to drive/fly to Fort Wayne - Summit
6. Seattle to drive/fly to well, really anywhere in the - WAC
7. UTEP to drive/fly to Old Dominion - Conference USA

I think you get the picture. The conferences are so spread out geographically for the most part that it doesn't make sense from a financial standpoint anyway, let alone when you factor in the loss of money they are facing in the wake of this pandemic.

Can all these conferences and schools even afford to play basketball games with no revenue?

Here's the article I mentioned:


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PostPosted: 09/15/20 9:32 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Can all these conferences and schools even afford to play basketball games with no revenue?


Sorry to say it, but I think that this is the year that wasn't/won't be for a lot of sports.

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