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New York Liberty 2020
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Bob Lamm

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PostPosted: 09/13/20 10:43 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

jmvcity wrote:
Stokes needs to go. She's a one-trick pony, but only when that shot goes in. Of the newbies, I'd keep Ionescu, Jaz Jones, and Paris Kea. The other rookies can battle it out for the remaining spots.

Apparently Jonathan Kolb and Walt Hopkins didn't read this. Smile

I think re-signing Stokes is a good move. Note that it's only for 2021. Certainly a reasonable chance that Han won't come next season. Stokes has played well enough that some other team would sign her. Losing Stokes would leave Zahui B., Shook, the hope of somehow trading for a new post player, or a rookie draftee.

Stokes supplies security for one more season in which it'll still be a young team. For 2022 and beyond, things may be quite different, including having Han.

P.S. With the Olympics hopefully happening in 2021, with Durr missing this season, with the non-Ionescu rookies all struggling, Kolb and Hopkins will have reduced trade value for this roster.

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PostPosted: 09/13/20 11:30 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

I haven't seen the new number yet, but as mentioned in regards to the Dantas deal, extensions can only go up a maximum of 20% from the final year of the previous deal. So as she's on 91k right now, the absolute maximum she got was $109,200. I'd say that's overpaying Stokes (especially if they guaranteed it all), but probably not by much. And unless they're going to go out and add a load of veterans, they're going to have heaps of cap space to work with regardless.

Of course, that's assuming you want Stokes anywhere near your roster at all. Which I know some people would answer 'no' to...

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PostPosted: 09/13/20 11:33 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

She’s a solid rebounder and defender. Expanded yet inconsistent range. Roughly 1/4 is not ideal for post players.

An overpay, but like Bob said, for one season. We have the space.
I don’t mind having Stokes as a bench backup option.


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PostPosted: 09/14/20 7:23 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

keep in mind this season isnt normal. in a normal year i don't think stokes is basically the leader on your team in minutes played. and i also don't think in a normal season she would be taking 4+ 3PFG per game. as a back-up 4/5 for 20ish MPG is where i think she'd flourish.

for the minutes she played this season, she needed production from the 4 like tina charles was still there.

Rock Hard

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PostPosted: 09/14/20 9:45 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

I'm surprised that Stokes would not try to taste what free agency feels like. Who knows she might have gotten a lot more money. Wink

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PostPosted: 09/14/20 9:53 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Now that there is a Liberty 2021 thread, maybe we should use it exclusively when talking about the future? We've got two Liberty threads on Rebkell and another two on the other board. Four threads is a lot to follow for one topic.

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