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Racial and ethnic slurs banned in Scrabble tournaments

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PostPosted: 07/07/20 9:27 pm    ::: Racial and ethnic slurs banned in Scrabble tournaments Reply Reply with quote

Scrabble tournaments had previously allowed slurs on the basis that, however egregious, they are part of the English language. The guiding principle for players has been that points — not messaging or tact — win games.

But now, as people in the United States and many parts of the world campaign against systemic racism after George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis police custody, a wide range of previously untouchable monuments, team names and, now, the rules of a board game, are under scrutiny.

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PostPosted: 07/08/20 6:01 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

This Political-correctness kick is getting out of hand.

The committee won't even spell the "candidate words" out for fear of offending some snowflake reader. Instead, they prefer you play scrabble and figure out what these awful words. "ho" is okay (think Santa ho ho ho) but "hos" is not. Brilliant!

SLUR (race or color): oba soba abckru abckrsu cdeloors cdeloorsu chinoost chinoosst adekry adekrsy adeikr adeikrs adkry agginr agginrs gginor gginors aehlo aehlos beeh beehs ehknoy ehknosy ehikno ehiknos hknoy ehknuy ehknsuy ehiknu ehiknsu abgijoo abgijoos almottu aelmosttu almosttu egginr egginrs cehiint cehiinst afoy afosy aceiiinnnps aciinnnpy acceiiinnnps acciinnnpy aceiiiknnnps aciiknnnpy ceiknpy ceiknpsy acehrstvz acehrsstvz acehrstwz acehrsstwz aehrstvz aehrsstvz ikmos ikmoss aqsuw aqssuw demmot ehistwy ehiistw gow gghiosw gosw

SLUR (sex or gender): cntu cnstu soh agnnoopt agnnoopst

SLUR (sexual orientation): bdeikllu bdeikllsu bdeklluy bdekllsuy bbmouy bbmosuy cccekkorsu cccekkorssu deiky dekyy aefggir aefggist aefggiorst afggorty afggoty afggy els belos beloss eelss elz eelszz eeilzz eeilszz elyzz acenn acenns aceinnr aceinns aceinnst acnny efioopr efioopst foops afhoopt afhoopst efooprt efooprst foopy eoopv eoopsv

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PostPosted: 07/08/20 6:21 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Even Cards Against Humanity refuses to use some slurs (for instance, they won't use the n-word).

They also will remove cards if in play they see one is being used to "punch down" or used for hate.

It's really not that ridiculous for Scrabble to do this in a game that is supposed to be fun for everyone.

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