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2019-20 Overseas Updates
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PostPosted: 03/22/20 2:49 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Nothing to write this weekend so I looked at some attendance numbers that I had been collecting:

fanaticka wrote:
Czech league is weak. ZVVZ USK Prague is a strong team in a weak league. Slovak is weak. Polish probably declined.
I always thought French and Spanish league were quite strong. Russian and Turkish as well, mainly because of the foreigners. For some reason Germany's league is probably not very good based on the fact that they almost never have euroleague teams and good foreign players. I always wondered why is that.

Germany does not believe in the benefactor model so there's pretty much a limit on how good they can be except when the economies of the rest of Europe are in complete freefall.

ClayK, I went to an ACC school so I am biased in my criteria comparing league strength:

Turkey, though not as strong this season as the bottom teams were no longer able to bring in WNBA caliber players.
Russia, also weaker this season.
France, a relatively deep league.

Big gap between those three and the next group.

This season, probably Spain, then Italy, then Hungary, then Poland.

The next group is places like the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Israel, and Greece.

After that is places like Belgium, Slovakia, Portugal, Finland, Romania, and Belarus.

Then there are league like Great Britain, Switzerland, the Netherlands that still have some level of organization, but honestly the second division in places like France and Spain are stronger than these teams. Everything below that might have a solid team or two, but is mostly a low level of play.

A lot of leagues have one dominant team now like USK Praha in the Czech Republic, Olympiakos in Greece, Sepsi Sfantu Gheorghe in Romania, and Fribourg in Switzerland. Many other leagues have one team that is still far better than the rest even if they lose every so often.

Sports will probably be one of the biggest industries to take permanent hits due to the coronavirus. I could see a complete format change in women's basketball after this is all over as a lot of midlevel teams could really decrease their budgets.

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PostPosted: 03/24/20 9:06 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

All Korean leagues cancel their seasons, will not resume.


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