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Historical Question

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PostPosted: 12/04/19 10:06 pm    ::: Historical Question Reply Reply with quote

What’s the last time a conference had 3 teams in the AP Top 5? I’m almost positive it’s a first for the PAC-12 (can someone conform?) but I feel like it’s happened in the ACC and SEC, maybe?


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PostPosted: 12/04/19 10:46 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

The most recent one I've found was 17 November 2014, when the SEC had South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas A&M all in the top five.

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PostPosted: 12/05/19 3:14 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

I recall the Big 12 having 6 in the top 25 but NOT three in top 5. The conference at one time had a South Section and North Section. The South was heavier with the powerhouses (Texas, Baylor, etc).


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PostPosted: 12/05/19 7:46 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Wanna say big East did both 3 top 5 (wanna say Uconn Nd and Ville) and 6 of not 7 top 25 during the 16 team era (uconn nd Ville WVU DePaul St John's and I think maybe gtown with rodgers) wanna say it was 2012 right after she upset uconn could be wrong but those 16 team eras were regularly sending 8 and 9 teams so it likely did happen if just briefly

Also think it happened in 00-01 with Uconn Rutgers ND Nova (julhine Era) BC and Vtech (under henrickson) think the U was also in the mix under labati

Just to notate how good the big East was at wbb in the football era

The names changed the stj team that went on to beat uconn 10 years later was a J O K E in 00-01 for example and Syracuse was woefully underfunded as another example (Shu was decent and made the nit often) but 4 ranked teams was a norm and 5 or 6 was not uncommon not saying that will happen but the will and drive to compete in wbb is There in today's big East so uconn is coming home to game competition which aac couldn't say

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PostPosted: 12/05/19 10:26 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

In the final coaches poll of 2013 UConn, Notre Dame & Louisville were 1-2-3. Of course that was because all 3 were in the FF, Louisville having sent the "invincible" Bears home early.
But then we all know that actual play is trumped by the votes of the writers poll. Very Happy


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PostPosted: 12/05/19 1:23 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Likewise, the coaches and AP poll in 2006 had an ACC trifecta with FF teams No. Carolina, Maryland, and Duke in the top 5 for the last 5 weeks of the regular season. The coaches poll also had Md, Duke, and Carolina at 1-2-3 after Md won the title.

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