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summertime blues wrote:
ClayK wrote:
summertime blues wrote:
Kara Lawson was a finance major. Kellie Harper was a math major. Both were on the dean's list all the way through. I don't think playing and traveling affected their studies one bit.

At one time something like 60% of the Lady Vol basketball team was on the dean's list, and it wasn't all "easy" majors by any means.

No question it can be done ...

But I've talked with more than a few scholarship athletes who were told they shouldn't or couldn't take certain classes (afternoon labs, for example) or should avoid certain majors.

It all depends, but the person controlling the one-year scholarships -- with transfer limitations on top of that -- definitely has the power in this situation.

It probably depends on the school, too. Some schools are just not all that academically oriented. They'd rather their athletes just played ball (UNC is a good example). Others are not that way at all. Stanford, for one.

As an aside, one of the biggest benefits for Duke female athletes is the ability to participate in the CAPE (College Athletic Pre-Medical Experience) program. It was (and I believe still is) America's only premedical mentoring program for female student-athletes. The goal is to engage them with mentors, role models, lectures, discussion groups, and clinical experiences so they do not become discouraged in a (largely) still male-dominated world of medicine.

CAPE has its origins in a mentoring relationship that began in 1999 between Georgia Schweitzer, then a sophomore Duke WBB player, and Henry Friedman, the James B. Powell Jr. Professor of neuro-oncology at Duke Medical Center.

There are usually approximately 50 female undergrad students enrolled in CAPE per year. The majority are athletes (including cheerleaders), but some are Baldwin Scholars whom CAPE admits to satisfy NCAA requirements that student-athletes not receive unique treatment.

To put this into perspective, students usually are not exposed to patients until their second or third year of medical school. Giving undergraduates the opportunity to interact with patients is one of CAPE's most valuable traits.

CAPE students are gradually introduced to brain tumor patients in the brain tumor clinic, first by sitting in as a physician takes medical histories, then by observing physical exams. Next, students assist with taking histories, and eventually do it on their own (something they say is a major milestone).

Students can enter the program beginning in the fall of their sophomore year, and they spend their first semester shadowing physicians, performing new-patient consultations, and observing craniotomies at the Tisch Brain Tumor Center. Other activities include mentoring dinners with female medical students and physicians, a yearly lecture by the dean of the medical school, and a monthly journal club, where CAPE students discuss articles related to medical ethics and the art of balancing a professional medical career and personal lives (including family).

A few of CAPE's notable basketball alumni include:
--- Georgia (Schweiter) Beasley
--- Alison Bales
--- Emily Waner
--- Elizabeth Williams

Links (articles from 2008/2009, the tenth anniversary of CAPE)

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