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Parents need to chill -- IHSAA

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PostPosted: 09/06/19 6:32 am    ::: Parents need to chill -- IHSAA Reply Reply with quote

Parents were real maroons when I was shooting in Plymouth and Seymour and they are worse today.

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PostPosted: 09/25/19 9:55 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Interesting article, with excellent points. One thing that I found puzzling was this quote:
Remember, participating in a high school sport is not about getting a college scholarship. According to the NCAA, only about 2% of all high school athletes are awarded a sports scholarship, and the total value of the scholarship is only about $18,000.

Shocked $18,000 is IT?? I think they might have intended to write "average scholarship", maybe?

Which brings up an interesting idea: what if future politicians have their way, and college tuition becomes free? Obviously, that might not include private institutions like Notre Dame or Stanford, but....there's a lot of P5 State Schools, right? What impact might that have on recruiting?

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PostPosted: 09/26/19 10:12 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

If you want to coach in high school, you have to deal with parents -- that's been true for a long, long time, and it comes with the territory.

So I always made it a point to connect with parents, especially those who looked like they might create issues, and I always tried to make sure that a couple parents would let me know what kind of conversations were going on in the stands.

The point: If you want to coach in high school, don't imagine for a second that's it just about basketball and the kids on the team. The parents are key, and so is the administration -- you have to consciously work with, and balance, all these groups if you want to be successful.

I'm not surprised when coaches and ADs step aside because dealing with parents is difficult, but that's the reality of the situation. If you're a pro coach (and of course college coaches are professionals), you have to win, keep the alumni happy and the players out of trouble, so there's a set of challenges there that have nothing to do with basketball as well.

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