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Impressive Freshman
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PostPosted: 03/14/19 12:33 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

CamrnCrz1974 wrote:
joetro wrote:

Syracuse's Emily Engstler did not play in the regular season finale against BC, nor did she play in the ACC Tournament.

Shocked I guess that means academics...but could mean just about anything. Too bad. I hope she gets it together, either there or wherever life takes her.

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PostPosted: 03/14/19 8:40 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

myrtle wrote:
Nixtreefan wrote:
But which Hull Myrtle, one is def better than the other, have you figured it out yet, it's pretty difficult Laughing

The weird thing is that Lexie came in ranked so much higher than Lacie and I assumed we took Lacie in order to get Lexie. Then Lexie was the starter at the beginning of the year, just like we all thought. But then it all blew up when she got injured and Lacie started starting! oh, my, now I'm getting confused (and supposedly Tara gets them confused all the time in practice too). So no, I don't know. Right now Lacie's getting more minutes, but is that because she is intrinsically better or because Lexie is still getting back from injury or just because it has worked and Tara doesn't want to rock the boat? I've just been impressed that Tara, who doesn't usually start Freshmen, has started them, and last year played Williams a lot as a Freshman, and presumably will start Jones next year if she's as good as billed. We will have good wings out the gazoo so finding minutes for everyone will be a challenge...a nice challenge of long as we have a good PG, which we have right now, even though everyone claims she's not really a PG; and of course, the real issue now is our inside play. Hoping someone(s) shine in that department, and then we will be hot stuff! (ok, maybe not, but at least I think we will have a chance to contend and that's a very, very good feeling). Ok, no, I didn't really answer your question. But you can tell us which one you think is best and why.

Williams is a PG, they don't want to call her that as she is a PG that can shoot. She is also the most important player on the floor. Last year she lit some teams up. This year they have her on scout and that is why others are getting open looks.

Great post Myrtle and you are 100% IMO. This is why I asked. Just goes to show that you never know. It is like having a clone. Just look at their stats, right bang next to each other. At this point it is too difficult to tell. Lexie outperforming in the stat department in shooting and rebounding but Lacie outperforming in the minutes and starting department. If I had to say now I would say Lexie could be better in the long run. But the intangibles are funny things and Lacie could be the one we need on the floor until Tara thinks she can put both on the floor. This may never happen as it is a nice little toy to have with the way recruiting is going. I don't think we will have a definitive answer until much further down the line but it sure is nice to have 2 of the same player Laughing Laughing

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