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2019 Commitments
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PostPosted: 11/28/18 3:05 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

It was pretty clear, once she delayed her declaration due to the smoke issue in the Bay Area, SU was her choice.

Silly, stupid white people might be waking up.

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PostPosted: 11/28/18 3:26 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

myrtle wrote:
bballjunkie wrote:
Jones to Stanford.
Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy wahoo

Oh, stop gloating, myrtle.....we both know Oregon needed her far more than Stanford. Evil or Very Mad Razz
(and check your pm box again!)

Oklahoma: Go Sooners! Oregon: Go Ducks!
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PostPosted: 11/29/18 11:36 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Judging by what I saw on Twitter last night, there were a lot of noses severely out of joint over Haley Jones' choice. As one of my favorite WBB Twitterers put it, "A kid chooses a school based on fit, which is the most important factor. Nothing more needs to be said. #mindyourownbusiness" There were some pungent comments following that about adults sticking their noses into a kid's decision.

Haley is a Bay Area girl getting a good (Catholic) education. I pretty much expected her to choose Stanford and stay close to home. "Nuf said.

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PostPosted: 11/29/18 12:11 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

You know what I think is really notable about Haley Jones is that when the first Prospect Nation recruiting list came out the Summer after her Sophomore year, she was ranked #24 in the class. Then by the start of her junior year, she was #14 and then she cracked the top 5 and now she is the consensus #1. That's pretty darn impressive and I don't recall any other #1 recruit making such progress over such a short period of time.


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PostPosted: 11/30/18 10:01 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

I don't think she is the first for that to happen but mighty glad she chose the Card Laughing


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PostPosted: 12/03/18 1:09 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

ASGR (All Star Girls Report) Rankings (Class of 2019)
(Rankings as of December 3, 2018 and based on players listed in ASGR’s Class Rankings)

1. Haley Jones (Stanford)
2. Jordan Horston (Tennessee)
3. Aliyah Boston (South Carolina)
4. Laeticia Amihere (South Carolina)
5. Rickea Jackson (Mississippi State)
6. Ashley Owusu (Maryland)
7. Nyah Green (Louisville)
8. Anaya Peoples (Notre Dame)
9. Zia Cooke (South Carolina)
10. Samantha Brunelle (Notre Dame)

11. Kierstan Bell (Ohio State)
12. Diamond Miller (Maryland)
13. Charisma Osborne (UCLA)
14. Francesca Belibi (Stanford)
15. Jordyn Oliver (Baylor)
16. Aijha Blackwell (Missouri)
17. Ramani Parker (Louisville)
18. Kennedy Brown (Oregon State)
19. [No Player Listed]
20. Breanna Beal (South Carolina)

21. Jaden Owens (UCLA)
22. Kaelyn Satterfield (Ohio State)
23. Jaida Patrick (Duke)
24(tie). Azana Baines (Duke)
24(tie). Angel Jackson (USC)
25. Esmery Martinez (Mississippi State)
26. [No Player Listed]
27. Maori Davenport (Rutgers)
28. Elizabeth Scott (Oklahoma)
29. Celeste Taylor (Texas)
30(tie). Aubrey Griffin (UConn)
30(tie). Izabel DeAngelo (Michigan)

31. Sammie Puisis (Florida State)
32. Yasmeen Chang (Miami)
33(tie). Shaila Beeler (Indiana)
33(tie). Teisha Hyman (Syracuse)
34. Zoe Young (Maryland)
35. [No Player Listed]
36. Chloe Chapman (Georgia)
37. Jakia Brown-Turner (NC State)
38. Taylor Jones (Oregon State)
39. River Baldwin (Florida State)
40. Malu Tshitenge-Mutombo (North Carolina)

41. Jayla Hemingway (Mississippi State)
42. [No Player Listed]
43. Endyia Rogers (USC)
44(tie). Rikki Harris (Ohio State)
44(tie). Tai'Yanna Jackson (Ole Miss)
45. [No Player Listed]
46. Ashten Prechtel (Stanford)
47. Leilani Correa (West Virginia)
48. Sydnee Roby (Miami)
49. Destinee Oberg (Arkansas)
50. [No Player Listed]

51. [No Player Listed]
52(tie). Jacy Sheldon (Ohio State)
52(tie). Faith Masonius (Maryland)
53. Jaquaya Miller (Washington)
54. Tamari Key (Tennessee)
55. Alisha Lewis (Georgia Tech)
56. [No Player Listed]
57. Shemera Williams (Marquette)
58. [No Player Listed]
59. McKenna Warnock (Iowa)
60. Kemery Martin (Utah)

61. [No Player Listed]
62. Hayley Frank (Missouri)
63(tie). Jennifer Ezeh (Duke)
63(tie). Jada Boyd (NC State)
64. [No Player Listed]
65. Alexis Tucker (Texas Tech)
66. Elizabeth Kitley (Virginia Tech)
67. Aliyah Matharu (Mississippi State)
68. Hannah Jump (Stanford)
69. [No Player Listed]
70. Julia Ayrault (Michigan State)

71. Cydni Dodd (Michigan State)
72. Jamya Mingo-Young (Mississippi State)
73. Tiara Young (LSU)
74. Michelle Sidor (Michigan)
75. McKinzie Green (Texas A&M)
76. Alexis Duckett (North Carolina)
77. London Clarkson (Florida State)
78. [No Player Listed]
79. Jorie Allen (Indiana)
80. Javyn Nicholson (Georgia)

81. Tavy Diggs (TCU)
82. Cayla King (Virginia Tech)
83. Maggie McGraw (Iowa State)
84. Nya Mitchels (UNC Wilmington)
85. Dominique Davis (LSU)
86. [No Player Listed]
87. Corina Carter (New Mexico)
89. Deasia Merrill (Kentucky)
90. [No Player Listed]

91(tie). Taiyier Parks (Michigan State)
91(tie). Lanetta Williams (Memphis)
92. [No Player Listed]
93. Rickie Woltman (Purdue)
94. [No Player Listed]
95. [No Player Listed]
96. [No Player Listed]

97. Jazmaine Lewis (Houston)
98. Gabby Gregory (Oklahoma)
99. Hevynne Bristow (Providence)
100. Destiny Jackson (Rice)

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