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CBA Opt-out Deadline is Looming
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PostPosted: 11/08/18 11:48 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

tfan wrote:
The number of games broadcast in the two TV contracts (WNBA, MLS) is significantly different. The $75 million MLS gets from ESPN and Fox is for a minimum of 68 regular season games plus 15 playoff games (17 done this year??). The WNBA and ESPN negotiated their $12 million March 2013 (coming off worst WNBA ESPN ratings ever in 2012) deal for up to 30 games a year, including the finals. A year later (I think both WNBA negotiations were due to the NBA/ESPN negotiations) it was re-negotiated to be $25 million. I don't know what the new contract had as far as games televised. For 2018 they were scheduled to show 13 regular season games (maybe changed) plus were ready to show 19 playoff games. Four of the playoff games were to be on ESPNNews. Disregarding that difference gets 32 possible games televised. So the price per game ends up being a lot closer than $25 million versus $75 million. $25 million/32 is $781,250 per game for ESPN to broadcast a WNBA game this year if they maximized playoff games. The highest average price ESPN/Fox could pay for an MLS game is ($75 million / 85 ) $882,352 per game . All of the regular season and over half of the MLS playoff games are also shown on a "Deportes" Spanish version of ESPN and Fox Sports 1.

Great analysis ... these are complex business decisions that are negotiated by people who understand the large numbers of competing agendas. Of course it's possible the WNBA got screwed; it's also possible they got the best deal they could.

I can't force myself to watch more than about 10 minutes of MLS and men's college basketball is just boring to me (unless I'm watching a one-and-done kid who will be in the draft). But I'll watch badminton and table tennis on the Olympic channel, and pretty much any MLB or NBA game.

The point is that it's a large, fragmented audience and no one strategy is going to work for ESPN or the networks. In an ideal world, all games of all leagues would be televised at a professional level, and we would be able to pick and choose.

I think the question everyone wonders about, in every niche sport, is if the playing field were truly level, which sports would rise and which ones would fall.

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PostPosted: 11/08/18 4:59 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Randy wrote:
The Comment about a former player is interesting. Anybody have any ideas on a former player for Pres? (Aside from Catchings who has been discussed already.)

Sonja Henning

3-Time WNBA Champion-3-Time National Champion-4-Time Olympic Champion....And Yes DT "We Got Confeti" lol
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