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Trump’s legacy so far

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Ay Mate

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PostPosted: 10/28/18 8:29 am    ::: Trump’s legacy so far Reply Reply with quote

Hate crimes committed by white american men leading to death has increased 57% in the United States between from 2016 to present.

That’s the only thing Trump has done for this country so far. Well, he loves to be the best at everything, so he’ll be pushing for that percentage to get even higher. I’m sure he’s on the phones to his fellow white nationalists, telling them to make more bombs, and buy more guns, and get more white vans.

Trump is 100% loving what he’s doing to this once great and respectable country. The say the apocalypse starts with a single white man on a horse riding across the land spreading disease and decent among the people. This is just the beginning folks. And the worst thing is, people are still supporting this guy and still not holding him accountable for what he’s done, doing and will continue doing. Trump’s America is a failure on epic levels. It’s really sad, and even more, terrifying, whats happened since he moved into the White House. Hopefully all those brainwashed, souless, un-American republicans who support Trump wake up soon and realize what a mistake they’ve made, because we are THIS CLOSE 👌 to having a country ruined beyond any repair.


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PostPosted: 10/28/18 12:36 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

This country was built on the blood of Natives and Blacks, the birth of this country was violent, so it isn’t surprising to us Natives, and many of my Black friends. It started in 1492. The too far left or too far right are hate spewing over the rest of us. But the far rights are committing hate crimes at a greater rate since tRump has been in office, his own hate has given permission to his supporters to commit these crimes. He has even egged them on. Voting doesn’t do any good if that is all you do, we need to keep on top of those we vote in to make sure they keep their promises. We need white patriarchy out of office, and that includes some poc because many have been infested by it too.

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