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Trump Revokes John Brennan's Security Clearance
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PostPosted: 08/19/18 8:59 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

We have always been at war with Eastasia.

Silly, stupid white people might be waking up.

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PostPosted: 08/19/18 1:48 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

GlennMacGrady wrote:
Howee wrote:

Again, the actual 'problem' with Brennan no longer cleared is far outweighed by a dictator-wannabe using political animus as his criteria for such revocations.

I really think you've got this backwards.... It is Brennan who has exhibited historically unprecedented levels of political and personal animus, as a former spook chief, against the sitting president for over a year, using his security clearance as a resume credential to get himself profitable pundit gigs on anti-Trump cable channels.

Nope. My perspective tells me YOU are still in *reverse* here.

I seriously doubt CNN, MSNBC, etc., all think, "Oooh, Brennan has security clearances, let's book HIM!". THEY WANT HIM FOR HIS LONG HISTORY OF SERVICE TO THE GOVERNMENT AND THE INSIGHTS THAT ALONE AFFORDS HIM.

I TRULY believe that--clearances be damned, he could have forfeited them 3 years ago--his voice is of paramount importance BECAUSE he has no party affiliation to cultivate. If you find distaste in his "unprecedented levels of political and personal animus", then you probably ALSO find no big problem WITH HOW CONGRESSIONAL REPUBLICANS OFFER NO IDEOLOGICAL RESISTANCE TO THE MAN WHO WOULD BE DICTATOR. We know many do not agree with Trump, but remain complicit in his stupid ways. Who will speak out against him?

Congress won't exercise any real "Check and Balance" measures against Trump? Then let the voices of those not assuaging lobbyists and pandering to deplorable voter bases speak out--loud and long. We need FAR MORE like him, people who HAVE served the country and have immeasurably more insight and experience to stand up, and proclaim for all: "The Emperor ISN'T wearing any clothes at all." I liken him unto the Biblical prophets of old, who the people wanted to stone, cuz they were called out on their evilness.

Brennan isn't an Omarosa, or any of the others who spent 18 days with the president, and wanna do "tell-alls". He is a man with contextual and experiential depth who needs to be heard.

Your challenge: Tell me something Brennan said or claimed that is NOT true.

Oregon: Go Ducks!

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PostPosted: 08/19/18 11:58 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Howee wrote:
tfan wrote:
Howee wrote:
Stonington_QB wrote:

Now tell me... what don't I understand about that since you're the expert here?

You're either ignorant of or willfully disregarding the CRITERIA by which revocations are determined. And it's absurd to make the false equivalence between yourself and the level of clearance needed by Brennan.

Doesn’t seem false equivalence to me.

Yep. It is. Whether you like Brennan or not, there's a HUGE difference between a contracted worker with limited need-to-know for a brief time, and the former CIA director.

The higher up you go in any organization the less involved in the work you get. The head of the CIA is far removed from the torture, coup attempts and assasinations that the CIA is expert in. If you were to bring Brennan in and ask him “what was the most effective torture method?”, he could only say that “I only authorized torture, I didn’t carry it out. You’ll have to talk to the guys who do the torturing”. And some of his high level knowledge could be obsolete. For instance, if you ask him how to handle innocent people being killed in drone assasinations, he would give the tried and true answer: “You deny anyone else was killed unless there is video or photos or western eyewitnesses, in which case you swear that your 100% heretofore accurate informants told you that only “bad guys” would be there at that place where weddings are held on a Saturday afternoon”. But the world could have wised up to that garbage and he would not be aware as he is hanging out at the country club all day.

Again, the actual 'problem' with Brennan no longer cleared is far outweighed by a dictator-wannabe using political animus as his criteria for such revocations. Keep looking for the Bigger Picture here.

If Trump pulling his clearance is a massive threat to democracy then all those outraged need to call on Congress to make it illegal, not howl about Trump doing something he has been given authority to do.


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PostPosted: 08/20/18 11:34 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Politico: W.H. looks to scrub clearance list

The . . . administration has ordered a government-wide reassessment of how almost 5 million Americans have been granted classified information security clearances and whether each person currently approved to see sensitive national security secrets truly has a need for such access.

the intelligence community is coming to the conclusion that the sheer number of personnel with clearances is making the government and the country as a whole vulnerable to a slew of dangers.

In a directive obtained by POLITICO, Director of National Intelligence . . . questioned the booming rolls of security-clearance holders. At last count, more than 4.9 million people held clearances, of whom over 1.4 million were cleared for access at the “Top Secret” level.

the . . . administration has not only begun to view the huge number of clearances as a security risk, but a serious budgetary stress. The federal government spends about $1 billion a year on background checks, according to the Government Accountability Office.
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