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Sparks @ Dream - 8/09/18
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Who will win this game?
 62%  [ 18 ]
 37%  [ 11 ]
Total Votes : 29

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PostPosted: 08/10/18 10:13 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

willtalk wrote:
Candice is on of the best players to ever play the game. However, that ability is not always displayed on the court. Every basketball player has off games. Sometimes the body and mind are out of sync or the ball just does not drop. The thing with Candice, and I believe that is what most critics object too, is that with her the production on the court is often her own choice. Her defensive lapses happen too often for it to just be a question of fatigue.

She has games when she plays both great offense and defense. But when she is not feeling it on offense her effort on defense also takes a dive. In basketball when the ball does not drop for us we can always contribute in other ways, especially through hustle and defense. Candice does not do that. She seldom leaves it all on the floor. She is much like a running back who will not give a 100% unless the opportunity to make a big gain presents itself. She seldom if ever gives her all unless it is for her opportunity to shine. She is the epitome of a basketball Prima Donna.

I recognize her talent and what it brings to a team, but the never using her potential to help the team win games doing some blue collar work when it is needed is what makes me lose respect for her as a player. I also believe that is why they do not want her on the National teams. The games when she leave it all on the floor are far and between if ever. She will never give her all on defense because she has fallen into the pattern of saving her energy for offense.

She is a player who also could also excel on defense. She could be on of the best in the league, but she seldom gives the effort on that end of the floor. Even if she just would give an effort close to her ability at select times in games the Sparks would have won many of the close games they dropped.

I see an ingrained selfishness in her play and I suspect that is what most of her critics do not like about her game. I don't propose that she is a selfish person by nature only that on the basketball court. Very talented players often fall into patterns and habits at lower levels that becomes ingrained and stays with them though out their careers. Unless the hit a reality check, but if you are talented enough your talent outweighs the negatives and you can get away with it. Prima Donna's are not born they are created.

Who's Candice?


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PostPosted: 08/10/18 10:21 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

I just think it is appropriate for Parkers first name to be spelled with an "I".

Silky Johnson

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PostPosted: 08/11/18 12:20 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

willtalk wrote:
I just think it is appropriate for Parkers first name to be spelled with an "I".

#HateHard Approved!

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PostPosted: 08/11/18 5:21 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

WNBA 09 wrote:
Michelle89 wrote:
WNBA 09 wrote:
Michelle89 wrote:
jap wrote:
hangtyme24 wrote:
Im not even upset at LA for losing this one. Didn't expect much on the back to back. Could've between a W but im hoping we finish the season strong lol

At least Candace, Chelsea and Riquna showed up. And if you want to count defensive play, Alana is always a presence.

I noted Candace's surprising resilience during the tight stretch of games we had a while back, and it continues with the back to back duo. If she is going to play like this during the playoffs, I like this team's chances when they have a bit of rest. They do not want to drop lower than a 3rd or 4tjh seed, though.

If Parker plays anything like she did against the Liberty and continues her no defense policy then i like the odds for every team against the Sparks in the playoffs. 3rd in MVP voting what a joke..

Why not use the most recent game to judge her ? Your complaining about CP's mvp rank when shes averaged almost a triple double the last month 1/2. Thats a joke Laughing

They went 6-4 in their last 10 games. Big whoopdiedoo about her numbers. MVP is about the whole season.

I never said she should win MVP , just simply stated her position is more than deserved. What has candace done to you to make you so critical of her every week ?

Im critical because i dont think she plays at a consistent MVP level (has games in between where she doesnt even bother to show up) but when she plays fantastic and flashy all that is forgotten and she gets high in the MVP rankings because she is Candace Parker. While you have for example EDD who is carrying her team all season to a better record (better then most people expected with Meesseman gone) and Hayes who is a big reason why the Dream are 9-1 and too everyones suprise 2nd in the league. But they are less talked about

"Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson were and are the dynamic duo. They're the one-two punch. They're all the clich�s possible to describe people that perfectly complement each other, who make each other better and also bring out the best in the team." �Karen Bryant
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