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The Florida Bridge Collapse was Predictable

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PostPosted: 03/19/18 12:11 pm    ::: The Florida Bridge Collapse was Predictable Reply Reply with quote

A Prefabricated Tragedy

Yet in wheeling out the UniversityCity Bridge deck well in advance of other components, the basic concept of prefabricated construction was undermined. If accelerated construction were premised as means of simplifying project management, prefab was surely never intended to be a complete substitute for it, as those in charge seem to have assumed. It looks as if a giant concrete Lego set was misassembled, with fatal results.


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PostPosted: 03/21/18 3:24 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

There are reasons for regulations, reasons for oversight. Listening to the State of Florida run from any responsibility is a perfect example of what happens when people who don't believe in government run government.
Governor Scott believes that government is a necessary evil, and has run the State of Florida in that way from the start. Seeing his highway commission run from any responsibility by claiming that this was all under FIU's purview is a dereliction of duty.

I am not an engineer and I don't have nearly enough information to even assess the arguments of prefab vs on-site construction, but I know that prefab construction is successfully used in many situations. I have heard different theories put forth already as to whether the pylons should have been built first, whether the road should have been closed during the adjusting of the cables and other factors. I will wait to see what the NTSB concludes because I believe they have the expertise to evaluate the situation and will have far more access to full information than anyone that is spouting off today. These people most likely have an agenda and while they may make good points I suspect they are biased in one way or another.

I just hope that people come to realize that there really is a value to these regulatory functions of government. They may sometimes be onerous. I do believe there is such a thing as overregulation. But the role of regulating business, whether it be through building codes, acting on behalf of a reasonable consumer for purposes of commerce, insuring sufficient competence of professionals, is an important aspect of government. And the larger we allow companies to become, the greater the need to insure that individuals have a counterweight to work on their behalf.


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PostPosted: 04/04/18 9:41 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Somebody in Canada noticed something that may show that the cause of the crash was over-tightening of one of the cables that ran through the concrete. It is acknowledged that they were tightening those cables at the time that the bridge came down. The bridge design was also modified a few years ago to allow for another lane to be built underneath it, and someone makes the claim that late changes never get the review that the initial design did.


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PostPosted: 04/05/18 1:26 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

I've looked at this thread so many times today and thought, what Florida bridge collapse? The news is just non-stop crazy shit. I can't hold onto anything less than double-digit fatalities for more than a week. I'm sorry.

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