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Georgia Tech @ #5 Notre Dame 1 PM ET
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Fighting Artichoke

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PostPosted: 02/13/18 9:32 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

CBiebel wrote:
ArtBest23 wrote:
Fighting Artichoke wrote:
ArtBest23 wrote:
I think Muffett is happy the way it is. Arike is a great disruptive 1-on-1 player and is leading or second in the ACC in scoring. She can create her own shot, can score inside, outside, and on the break, draws fouls, and disrupts defenses.

I don't understand the complaints.

Sometimes she forces her own shot when there are other better ones available if she would only pass. She has gotten a lot better this year, but she still forces some pretty low quality shots. Today ND had a fast break and instead of passing out to Marina for the open 3 or to another ND player in the lane, Arike charged into the defender and got a turnover. A few other times she forced a drive and fell out of bounds and Tech scored on a short-handed Irish team because Arike sat on the ground ()looking for a call).

Muffet likes aggressive offense so she obviously likes many aspects of Arike's play, but sometimes that hero ball mode Arike gets into really hurts ND. Didn't that happen in the UConn game this year?

I think there is a drive with 3 minutes left in the 3rd that probably illustrates our difference of view.

Arike takes the ball end to end, the GT defense is back but not really organized yet, and she takes the ball right to the basket. It's kind of out of control and not a very good shot but she gets fouled and goes to the line for two. I suspect you think she should have brought it out or passed. I don't have any problem with the aggressive drive and drawing the foul.

And I think those drives are intentional, not as undisciplined as they might sometimes appear. In contrast, at 1:40 of the 3rd, she takes the ball end to end on a true fast break and at the last moment makes a perfect pass to Jackie on her left for the layup. She had space; I think a truly selfish undisciplined player would have taken that shot herself without looking for Young.

I think it's somewhere between the two of you. I have noticed that Ogunbowale has gotten a lot better at passing instead of driving, but there are still too many times that she seems to force it on her own.

I love Arike and am so happy that the Irish have her. But that doesn't mean that she cannot adjust her game to look for teammates more. She HAS gotten a lot better at looking for teammates and I think that's part of the reason that her drives are more devastating this year. She is a great no-look passer. The less predictable she is, the more difficult she is to scout. I think all three of our views are far closer than you two seem to think.

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