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2018 Grammy Award Winners
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PostPosted: 01/29/18 2:49 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Genero36 wrote:
That Patti Lupone performance was incredible.

Just a stunning tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber, with whom LuPone had a two-decade feud.


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PostPosted: 01/29/18 6:32 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Genero36 wrote:

Blue Ivy shushed her parents from applauding Kamila Kabimbo! She was like “No mama, don’t clap for that shit.”

She's a child that should have been at home in bed with her dozen nannies and you are the bimbo.


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PostPosted: 01/29/18 6:34 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

I can honestly say that I've hated the Grammys for as long as I've been aware of its existence. So this diatribe here? I've had a lot of practice. But I have to say that last night was something on an entirely different level.

I've looked at that telecast over the decades and thought, someday, THIS clown show is going to come to an end. It's going to come crashing down in one final straw-breaking-every-last-viewer's-back moment of boredom that triggers a revolution in the way the public sets the standard for what quality of musical entertainment they will support. But now I realize that you could come back 2000 years from now, and people will be dancing around a stage in metallic costumes, whilst some droning nonsense that substitutes as talent or as having musicality or representing lyrical profundity pounds away across the galaxy, destroying whatever is left of the memory of what beauty and relevance music can convey, and on and on, whatever, blah, bleh, blech, etc.

But then add to that terrible realization I had of the permanence of garbage all the ugly cultural and political sidebars that I'm reading on Twitter. OMG. People are shit. It's really that bad. The entertainment industry is a shithole. This should not be news as some of us have been saying it forever. But it does bear repeating. The entertainment industry is a shithole. Please stop supporting it in any way. Fuck this goon show. It's destroying all of us. It destroys freedom. It destroys opportunity. It destroys women. It destroys black people. They're fucking killing you all with a hammer and you are supporting it all. Championing it all. Worshipping it all. Actually looking TO entertainment industry product-figures as inspiration and for guidance.

There is no excuse for ignorance in this country any more. There is no excuse for inequality any more. Start with what you are seeing portrayed on this endless idiot clown show that is the Grammys and TRY... just try to remember melody, rhythm, excitement that involves ANYTHING and anybody but who you saw on that stage last night. Go back. Go WAY back. Something in classical or modern orchestral music. Some moment in opera. Popular song era of the last century. Jazz. Be Bop. Hard Bop. Movie music. House music. Even something FROM this past 20 years that was great. Or different or unique. Arcade Fire. St. Vincent. I'm sure you guys have way better lists than I do.

If you don't play an instrument, LEARN. Take night courses at a local community college. Piano. Guitar. Music theory. Work on your ear more than anything. Watch YouTube videos on training your ears to hear intervals. Learn about harmonic movement as it occurs in western music. Hell learn to play an instrument from world music, India, Africa, Brazil.

Read Malcolm X. MLK's Letter From Birmingham Jail. Angela Davis. Shakespeare. Anything that might possibly disabuse you of the idea that, beyond his most basic point, Kendrick Lamar was saying anything profound, in an artfully powerful way. Because you need help if you think that was anything other than juvenile nonsense. Say, yeah. You're right. But GOD can you sit down and shut up and let someone who has polished the best of what language has to offer, that which LIFTS and illuminates human communication, a ONCE in a generation artist maybe, instead of the every few years NEW genius... can we have some of THAT please, instead of this music industry garbage?

This is absurd. When are people ever going to have enough of it all? Never? When America is finally and absolutely a third world shithole? Because it's coming. They want you dumb and ignorant and poor and the public is sucking it all up like it's candy.

And again, the MANY shit stories on Twitter. My God. It's vomitous. Rihanna fat. Black people pissed because someone said Patty Lupone and they heard Patti LaBelle. Album of the year nominee Lorde doesn't get to perform. A total sausage party on stage. The comments from the academy president that women should 'step up.' I'm sure there are others. This shit is revolting.


Joined: 23 Sep 2004
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PostPosted: 01/29/18 6:41 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Yesterday I got a call like from my dog like 101
Said they killed his only son because of insufficient funds
He was sobbin', he was mobbin', way belligerent and drunk
Talkin' out his head, philosophin' on what the Lord had done
He said: "K-Dot, can you pray for me?
Been a messed up day for me
Know that you anointed, show me how to overcome."
He was lookin' for some closure
I can bring him closer
Spiritual, my spirit do no better, but I told him
"I can't sugarcoat the answer for you, this is how I feel:
If somebody killed my son, that mean somebody gettin' killed."
Tell me what you do for love, loyalty, and passion of
All the memories collected, moments you could never touch
I'll wait in front a homie's spot and watch him hit his block
I'll catch the homie leavin' service if that's all I got
I'll chip a homie, then throw the blower in his lap
Walk myself to the court like, "Man, I did that!"
Ain't no Black Power when your baby killed by a coward
I can't even keep the peace, don't you play with one of ours
It be murder in the street, it be bodies in the hour
Ghetto bird be on the street, paramedics on the dial
Let somebody touch my mama
Touch my sister, touch my woman
Touch my daddy, touch my niece
Touch my nephew, man, I promise
You chip the homie, then throw the blower in his lap
Matter fact, I'm 'bout to speak at this convention
Call you back—

The screen reads: "This is a satire by Kendrick Lamar"

[Chorus: Bono & Kendrick Lamar]
It's not a place
This country is to me a sound of drum and bass
You close your eyes to look around
It's not a place
This country is to me a thought that offers grace
For every welcome that is sought

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
Run your life, I live a better life, I'm rollin' several dice
On your life, I live a better life, I'm rollin' several dice
Run your life, I live a--
Run your life (ahh)
This is my heritage, all I'm inheritin'
Money and power, the mecca of marriages

Tell me somethin'
Uh, you can't tell me nothin'
I'd rather die than to listen to you
My DNA not for imitation
Your DNA is an abomination
This how it is when you in the Matrix
Dodgin' bullets, reapin' what you sow
And stackin' up the footage, livin' on the go
And sleepin' in a villa
Sippin' from a Grammy, walkin' in the buildin'
Diamond in the ceilin', marble on the floor
Beach inside the window, peekin' out the window
Baby in the pool, godfather goals
Only Lord knows I've been goin' hammer
Dodgin' paparazzi, freakin' through the camera
Eat at Four Daughters, Brock wearin' sandals
Yoga on a Monday, stretchin' to Nirvana
Watchin' all the snakes, curvin' all the fakes
Phone never on, I don't conversate
I don't compromise, I just penetrate
Sex, money, murder — these are the breaks
These are the times, level number 9
Look up in the sky, 10 is on the way
Sentence on the way, killings on the way
Won't you tell'em I got millions on the way

Say got work for Kung Fu Kenny
Know you got work, got work for plenty
Him got, her got, more got, Benji
Top off, getting topped off in the city
Big Top Dawg and I dance on 'em like Diddy
Pop off and I pop back like Fifty

Part IV: New Freezer + Kings Dead

[Verse 4: Kendrick Lamar]
I gotta dance
I Milly Rock when I get that advance
How can I shop with like 64 M's?
Talkin' to Top about business again
He want some lot with new Bentleys again
I want some top from like two sets of twins
Twenty twin twins, yeah, yeah

[Verse 5: Kendrick Lamar]
Red light, green light, red light, green light
Red light, green light, they like, we like
Fast cars, fast money, fast life, fast broads
Egotistic, goin' ballistic, why God?
Born warrior, lookin' for euphoria, but I don't see it
I don't feel it, I'm paraplegic, tapped in when I'm maxed in
Comp-Town with the MAC 10s and the pumps in the background
Absent, never OG, standout
Lackin' everything else but doubt
Magnum, holding Magnums with a Magnum
Homie, ad-lib and I sing out loud
Never had friends, never had ends, never had hope
They was like, "Nope," I was like, "Boo yaow, boo yaow"

Never had friends, never had ends
Never had hope, they was like "nope"
I was like "boo yaow"
(Yeah, God)
Tee off the day
Know we off the, be off the, eat off your plate
Throw me off, I be, "Off ya head"
Well ate, on C4, I'm way off the edge
Burn integrity, burn your pedigree, burn your feelings
Burn your culture, burn your moral, burn your family
Burn your job, burn your land, burn your children, burn your wives
Who am I? Not your father, not your brother
Not your reason, not your future
Not your comfort, not your reverence, not your glory
Not your heaven, not your angel, not your spirit
Not your message, not your freedom
Not your people, not your neighbor
Not your baby, not your equal
Not the title y'all want me under
All hail King Killmonger


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PostPosted: 01/29/18 6:43 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

blaase22 wrote:
She's a child that should have been at home in bed with her dozen nannies and you are the bimbo.

I'm all for the separation of church and hate.
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