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Oprah for Prez?
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PostPosted: 01/10/18 8:09 pm    ::: Re: Oprah for Prez? Reply Reply with quote

justintyme wrote:
mercfan3 wrote:

Dr. Oz is actually a really qualified doctor. Dr. Phil is bullshit though.

Regardless, both are incredibly successful tv personalities.

While he may be "qualified" in the sense that he has an M.D., he has peddled pseudoscience more than once on his show.

The fact that he has an M.D. makes him even scarier because people believe his bullshit.

Yeah, he’s been scary. Granted, when Oprah brought him on her show, he was actually giving solid advice. (Mostly about poop)

That’s irrelevant to the point though. Oprah’s purpose with both idiots was to find people who would make good television. Clearly she hit the mark.

“Anyone point out that a Donald Trump anagram is ‘Lord Dampnut’”- Colin Mochrie

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PostPosted: 01/10/18 8:44 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

mercfan3 wrote:
Yeah. I fucking hate this bullshit where we look for literally any female to blame for men's actions.

Number one, unless it explicitly happened to any of these women..they really have no way of knowing whether rumors are real or not. Seriously. What were they supposed to do? Start calling out men who haven't sexually assaulted them? We've heard this "me too" message called "female hostility towards men" and "a witch hunt." Could you imagine how people would take "Well, no..I wasn't sexually assaulted by him, but I heard he does that so Hollywood should ignore this VERY powerful man."

Second, in many cases..these women don't have a choice but to work with disgusting men. Why? Because they are still more many of them are disgusting.

Third..because they didn't do anything wrong. Let's blame assaulters for assaulting, thanks. Hillary Clinton has literally gotten more shit for waiting a few days before saying something about Weinstein, then Trump has gotten for being accused of assaulting 17 women.

This is why "Me Too" exists.

I was surprised this was coming from him considering him and his ex-wife profited from this predator.

I'm all for the separation of church and hate.
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