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2018 Team USA
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PostPosted: 12/17/17 10:15 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

toad455 wrote:
I wonder if all those vets retire before 2020 what the team will look like and what potential college players could make the team. Noticed Jefferson wasn't invited, too.

PG: Diggins/???
SG: Loyd/Hayes/K. Mitchell
SF: Moore/Delle Donne
PF: Stewart/N. Ogwumike/Wilson
C: Fowles/Griner

If that happens, one would have to wonder if Inoescu would get a shot. She will be the best guard in the country by her senior year.


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PostPosted: 12/18/17 1:39 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

OK my opinion on this matter is beginning to change. I was all for letting the veteran players keep their spots in 2016 because I still thought they were so good that even slowed a little by age you could argue that they were still the best at their position, and I did think that their experience and loyalty to and with team USA was enough to keep that at the top of the list. With that said I also assumed that at minimum 50% of the 2016 National team was going to move on and there would be a decent amount of spots opening up to bring in new players for 2018 through say 2024. Now that 11 of the 12 players are still in the pool for the National team going forward I think maybe it is time for the young guns to knock them out of their spots. (Even though I don't think that will happen if all are healthy).

On a different note even if some players are knocked off I don't see Charles as being one of them so I'm a little surprised that so many are pushing her off the roster instead of others. Charles is still in her prime and has diversified her game by improving her defense and increasing her range. And Charles while excelling at the 4 is still capable of playing the 5 on the International scene (yeah you probably don't want her lining up against Cambage, but she can hold her own with most of the other 5 she'll encounter, and will be a match up problem for them on the offensive end).

And a 3rd different point PG of the future. I threw out Jefferson's name after the 2016 Olympics and still think if she gets healthy I could see her there. I also think C. Gray once she gets into the pool is a really good candidate. Logic says it should be Diggins but I have a feeling that just like the Worlds in 14 she'll be competing with Sims for a spot either as more of a combo guard and even though Skylar could easily be on the team and do a great job I'm beginning to think she might be passed over (unfairly) for unknown reasons. While I could see any of the above players as the lead PG in 2020 my new gut feeling is that Staley will want to work with K. Mitchell for that spot (Mitchell is more of a scoring guard but she has to be at OSU) Mitchell has all the tools to play PG (today she had 9 assists 1 turnover while scoring 30 plus points) and playing with other great players on the National team she will be able to make passes, break down the defense and if need be score at will with the single coverage she will often face playing with Moore, EDD, Griner and the like. You bring Mitchell in for that spot now and Dawn won't have to worry about the PG spot until after 2024 when she will probably move on anyway. I'm not saying this is what I think should be done, but it is just a hunch. If Mitchell is one of the new player on the World team in 18 it will be with this intention.


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PostPosted: 12/18/17 12:26 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Mo is hurt and it will take a while for her to get through this injury which would include camps for the Worlds. I don’t think Bird should be thrown in with DT, last thing I heard she looked really good and no one was close in camp. She could still be a player who USA uses to groom the next PG. Dawn herself always talks about how she became a player who tried to make everyone on the team better as there is enough scoring and it is very difficult for a score first player to run point for USA especially if they don’t have another weapon to offer like lock down D. Truth is some of the players you talk about don’t like playing D let alone getting up full court for the PG position which is what they would need if they are not good team managers. I could see Mo coming back but that would depend on her recovery.

The fact that DT is the one who seems to be struggling, along with Mone, Whalen and Angel not playing in the W I am not sure what Bird and all the talk about the PG is. Or is the focus on one or 2 players that one or 2 people want on the team. This is a message board not the view of the whole of the basketball community or even the members of USA who really have the right to put together a team that has been the most dominant team for many years. A team that should involve players who don’t care about themselves not a team where one player according to some should be on there well because they think there is some kind of conspiracy theory and nothing to do with facts like they may not mesh with the other players or they are not following instructions or they don’t understand the game or they don’t understand how to play team basketball or team defense etc.


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PostPosted: 12/18/17 1:24 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

I think the best criteria for vetting vets (besides how they look in the current camps) is to see how important they were in the previous tournament two years ago. If they were deep bench players two years ago, I think a player knows it's their time to go and it's kind of a mutual understanding between player and usab. If they're still relevant and getting good minutes because they're getting the job done, then I can't see randomly saying it's your time to go. Cash and Jones were deep bench players in 2014 (and actually I remember Jones being better defensively on Cambage than Charles). Catchings was deep bench in 2016. I'm trying to remember the last vet guard who was deep bench. I'm struggling with that... I might have to research that later. But I don't see that as a bad thing. That's a testament to the dedication of these vet Core 4 guards. They've been very important to the success of usab, and continue to be both in terms of playing and mentoring.

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PostPosted: 12/19/17 9:21 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

What exactly was Moriah Jefferson's injury, and when was the surgery?

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PostPosted: 12/19/17 11:04 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

ClayK wrote:
What exactly was Moriah Jefferson's injury, and when was the surgery?

Something knee-ish, and late-September:

Independent WNBA coverage:

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PostPosted: 12/20/17 7:18 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

The article was far from informative.

Given that so much of Jefferson's effectiveness is based on her quickness and explosiveness, it's conceivable this could affect her career dramatically.

Or she could be 100% next year.

It's troubling, though, that they took the whole season to decide to do surgery (if it was cut-and-dried why not just get to it?) and that they've never said what it is.

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PostPosted: 12/20/17 11:32 am    ::: Reply Reply with quote

I think you have to ask why it is so difficult for USA to bring in new players. I don't buy the theories. I think there are too many selfish one on one players who haven't learned the game, other than trying to pad their stats. You can't just all of a sudden get a basketball IQ. If you have not been held accountable for being a team player and a player who tries to make everyone around them better, then you won't be able to play at that level.


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PostPosted: 01/10/18 5:19 pm    ::: Reply Reply with quote

Brian Agler, Dan Hughes, Cheryl Reeve to Serve as Court Coaches at USA National Team February Minicamp

“When looking at who to ask to be a court coach for the 2018 USA National Team minicamp, these three coaches were the most obvious choices to assist Dawn at our upcoming camp,” said Carol Callan, USA Basketball Women’s National Team director and chair of the USA Women’s National Team Steering Committee. “They all know what it takes to win, they’re all successful coaches in the league and they’ve worked with many of the athletes we will have at the camp. I can’t think of three better coaches to assist Dawn Staley and the USA National Team in February.

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