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Separate DD thread....

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PostPosted: 06/24/17 10:49 am    ::: Separate DD thread.... Reply Reply with quote

Conway Gamecock wrote:
I am a HE. I think this may be the big issue here. I think most of y'all are women, and when women get all "pissy" they get all ugly with the trashing of other women: their clothes, fashion sense, hairstyles, how they trim their eyebrows. And since this IS about WOMEN'S collegiate basketball, perhaps that's why there are so many ugly and immature posts trashing other teams/players/head coaches, etc.

Well, "Ouch". Razz

As you know by now, this concept has not flown well here at Rebs. And for good reason--not the least of which is that "getting all pissy" is typically more of a male pastime here. Really. I mean there's a few *pissers* that remain gender-unknown to me, but I'd swear it's mostly guys. Laughing

Conway Gamecock wrote:
sigur3 wrote:
I'm not a woman, but I think that generalization is a tad off-base...

Then you three posters: try to answer this. Why would this poster named WNBA09 claim to "like South Carolina", then state as if its fact that USC has had these "magical birdies fall into their lap" before their first final four? And state it as if its simple fact, when there's zero truth to it? Why call Alaina Coates "slow", when for her position she's as fast as they come?

I do believe the crux of your problem/analysis lies in the above quote:
A: Nothing about the above claims scream "Pissy Female Thinking". It's just fans, THEORIZING. Gender neutral.
B: The claims people are making that you find vexatious are, INDEED, "opinions" but you apparently are sensitive to divergent opinions. Simply call them out as opinions, offer your own to contrast, and any facts to support it. And move on. You're taking it all too personally, dude. Wink

Ladyvol777 wrote:
Tennessee will be just fine this year.

In my OPINION, DD has long been overrated, and her upside has not counterbalanced her downside enough to make her invaluable. Piph Prince did the very same thing, foregoing her senior year to play overseas. Didn't turn her into anything TOO phenomenal. Just served her own purposes, and she had that right (and skill) to do as she pleased.

DD is a bit more of a Diva. No more Te'a, no NC on the horizon, etc.? wtf. Take off and do your own thing. God bless her. The Game will not miss her all that much.

Oklahoma: Go Sooners!

<--Maddie Manning, Sooner Extraordinaire
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